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Today, we’re supposed to blog about a controversial topic and give our opinion. I hate giving my opinion on anything, but I always do my homework.

Love living on this big blue earth. Currently, it is undergoing tremendous change as populations expand beyond resources. The debate is as to whether men are the cause of the current climate change.

I remember when Albert Gore, a Tennessean, claimed that the world was warming and the ice caps would melt and the oceans would rise, and most of the coastal regions would be lost. I didn’t believe him then, and I don’t believe him now, although I sat through the school broadcast of his film and the threat to the polar bears without giving my own lecture.  The data in his graphs had been badly manipulated. As a science and math teacher, I noticed that. Another reason I doubted it was we were having much colder than usual winters at the time.


Here is the latest NASA release on the issue, released for all those seeking funding during the Paris Climate accord.

Scientific consensus: Earth’s climate is warming

However, climate is influenced by many factors. The least of these is the CO2 content in the atmosphere. Water vapor has far more impact on the Greenhouse effect. The major causes of climate change are the magnetic shift in the poles, volcanic activity, solar activity, and ocean currents. Plus, our planet is only five hundred years out from the last little Ice Age and is still warming.


These are several reports from panels of thousands of scientists who argue that climate change is not unusual and it is not man-made. Even if it were, there is not enough money in the world to make any change that would be significant enough to change the weather. It is a hoax that has made Al and many government scientists rich. There are many real things to worry about, in my opinion, this is not one of them.

Love to hear your opinion.




The Eiffel Tower is illuminated during the traditional Bastille Day fireworks display in Paris

Happy Bastille Day. If you’re like me, I’d heard of it, never realized it was their 4th of July. Celebrated every July 14th, the date was the kickstart to the French Revolution, the storming of the jail to free political dissidents.

Shows what you can learn when you are surfing in the middle of writing. Did get my story untangled and back on track and actually added over another thousand words. Happy.

As I searched for something to blog about, ran across the speech by the two presidents. People have died for ideas, been led to battle by words, by written speeches. Powerful for every writer to remember.

After listening, as always, I feel hopeful. With the homeless immigrants swept from the streets for this time of celebration, there weren’t the terrible riots that made watching the German coverage of G20 so difficult.

With each of these new televised meetings with other leaders from around the world, I’m always struck by how much respect they pay to this President. Sadly, not how he is treated at home.

Macron was a little faster reader, but in French, so maybe that made it seem faster. The reminder of the great sacrifice of life that is required to have the liberty and rights we enjoy always brings a lump to my throat.

Trump’s respect toward Macron and promise to remain staunch allies made me feel a little more secure. The speech was wonderful, the reminder that France was our ally in overthrowing British control and establishing our freedom. That they have fought beside us in every conflict, and we’ve returned the favor, especially in WWI and WWII.

They gave us our wonderful icon of Liberty.  God bless France and thank you. Happy Birthday Party.




Believe it or not, my husband has always accused me of doing this, thinking too much. I have trouble falling asleep because my mind just keeps churning. Reading helps, but not when I find a really good novel to read, then I’m awake even longer trying to finish it.

Found this article very thought provoking, because I wrote last week about judging myself. It is something we all do more and more these days. With social media often our only social input, it is hard not to be confused by it all. See a lot of bullying and hate in what flows past in the polluted streams. Shame, but everyone seems much more judgmental than in the past, of ourselves and of others.


On Twitter and Facebook, I saw followers praising and ranting about President’s new orders. Also in my feed, were well written articles stating diametrically opposed reports.

One argued security feeds have reported increased risks, these were countries previously targeted by last President as security risks, and last President had a six month’s ban earlier in his administration against a Muslim country without a single protest.

Other article stated undeniably that there had been no Islamic attacks in U.S. in the last ten years. Called this President racist, anti-Muslim, and a hater.

Not sure if the truth can be published any more, or if there is anyone willing merely to state objective facts without telling us what they mean and how we are expected to feel about them. The already prejudiced viewpoint of the reporter seems to color all they report. Last year’s divisive election year rhetoric has not died down.

Would like to read the facts and truth – like the good old days. I’m pretty sure we had a Boston Marathon bombing, a terror attack on a dance club for the LBGT, and a recent attack at a Florida airport. Sure there are many I can’t remember. Think each of the attackers announced the attacks were for Allah. But maybe that wasn’t Islamic extremists, maybe immigrants given citizenship so no longer citizens from these countries, or all may have been attacks by radicalized Americans.

My memory is not as good as it used to be, so I’d like to read a list, a report, some facts. I miss the integrity of the fourth estate and objective reporting. I’ve always loved reading, taking in a string of facts, and developing my own opinion. I no longer get a major newspaper, or a local one, had little but a reprint of Internet news and police reports of local crimes. Read my news online from three or four networks and social feeds these days, because the television sources seem far too biased for me.

But now, a good liar can write and post anything they want on the Internet, and fake news looks like real news and I can’t even tell the difference. They all read like fiction to me.


So late at night, when I should be sleeping, my brain that craves answers and logic churns. thfr3g3qhcImage of art by Alex Grey

Making it hard to slip back to 1861 in my novel. Did sketch out the contents for the first two chapters. Of course, am blogging late. Will try to catch up on the posts tomorrow. When maybe all the news, will be good news.

Peace to all and keep smiling. Always found when I smile, I actually feel happier. Think brain scientists have now proved it to be true.






Late writing, not sure if this is yesterday’s 500 words or today’s. Had to weigh what I wanted to say, but today’s March was very upsetting.

Looking back, I’m not sure why, there were lots of causes and demonstrations on campus when I was in college, always turned out to support or stare, depending on the cause.

Late 60’s This one I never participated in, really had no underwear to spare.

Sixties were the decade of free love, birth control pills, and anti-war sentiments. My father fought in WWII, my brother and many of my friends volunteered to fight in Vietnam. But when the draft came, some of the college boys burned their draft cards and some girls burned their bras. Never protested the war. Jane Fonda, named woman of the Century by Obama recently, was known as ‘Hanoi Jane’ to the people I knew, and considered a traitor.

Did have and wear several mini dresses, go braless a few times, but mainly wore jeans and sneakers. Well, I thought I was daring. Never believed in free love, pot, or any of the hippie things.

70’s. Didn’t happen until after I graduated and I didn’t agree with most of the extreme feminist. Did complain a lot about this at the time, since I’ve never felt or been mistreated because I’m a woman. Had a hard time relating to Betty Freidan, Gloria Steinem and the ERA movement but definitely echoed their demands for equal pay for equal work.

At the time, fresh out of college with my B.S. in Geology, I really wanted to work. My new husband had a job as an exploration geologist. Remember fuming for months because the company had a nepotism policy that didn’t allow hiring of family members. Since he was in exploration, I couldn’t work for a competing firm either. Did get to do consulting work, but not enough.


Women marching in the 1870’s for the right to vote. Kept marching until won the right in 1919 and allowed to vote in 1920. Would have lined up with these women and marched. Think they were very brave and deserve credit. I’ve voted every election since I turned 21 and had the right. God bless them everyone for that gift.


Started in early 1800’s and took almost a hundred years for the Temperance movement to finally change the law. Prohibition passed in 1917. Since I’m a teetotaler anyway, not a cause I care about. But love this later women’s march in the 1930’s. Women have a right to change their minds.



One thing about all the earlier marches, the women were united and espoused clear causes. Today, the large marches seemed so full of hate, ugly messages, profanity and disturbing images, just saw a swell of political protest. It seems an extension of the left agenda that we see daily on the media to win by lies, insults, and bullying. Maybe if the spokesperson wasn’t Madonna with all the F words and hate messages, even claiming to want to blow up the white house, their positive goals would have been clearer.

Only photo I found without political messages, but just a feminist cause, was this of young protestors.

WASHINGTON, DC. – JAN. 21: Organizers put the Women’s March on Washington in Washington D.C. on Saturday Jan. 21, 2017. (Photo by Damon Dahlen, Huffington Post) *** Local Caption ***

Have to say I love this image. Positive messages, home-made, not mass printed No! Trump-Pence jargon. I agree, it is great to be a woman in this age of freedom and feminism. Feel safe, valued, and equal – as I have all my life – as an American woman. Think women, as well as men, have the right to feel this way.






trumpmelanianew_20170120_185736Not feeling too pressured. Watched the inauguration of the new President, Donald J. Trump. Only watched the ceremony, no stomach for all the negativity of the twenty-four-hour news hacks. Struck by how gracious Hillary and Donald were to each other. How brave and beautiful Hillary looked doing what few could ever have done. How dignified our former Presidents and wives looked. How beautiful the Trump family looked. You’d think at least one would be stuck with Dad’s looks.

The swearing in was over so quickly, I missed it getting a glass of tea. Watched it on the Internet, then listened to the speech again. It was an emphatic speech, full of promise, threat, and hope. I’m going to pin my thoughts on all the hope.

Favorite parts were the line about the transfer of power from Washington and giving it back to the American People. Appreciate the poetry of the image of “rusted-out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape of our nation.” Whoever helped polish the speech did a great job. Appreciate its terse, sharp, brevity.

Personally, I want everyone to pull together and rebuild the infrastructure. Tired of Interstate’s under construction for pothole repair and bridge replacement. It’s a crime in a nation like ours that children are drinking lead in their water and ducking bullets to walk to school. I’m still haunted by newspaper images of people being collected like garbage after massive heroin overdoses in our cities last year. So much that we need to fix, including the hovering weight of the massive debt on our nations’ future, the startling difference between the unemployment statistics and the employed numbers – hard to trust statistics the last few years.

Glad that he mentioned the new technologies of tomorrow  and how America needs to unlock the mysteries of space. I was heart-broken when we gave up our rocket program and started begging rides with other countries. As a science teacher, I felt this was just a terrible tragedy for us as a nation. Of course, Trump probably won’t continue funding climate research. Probably a mistake.

We need the people and the government to come together to get the job done. Believe Trump really wants to get it done. Not sure how realistic all of it is. The wall, 25 million new jobs, wiping out radical Islamic terrorism. Of course, a cult that beheads Buddhists, Christians, other Muslims, and Jews, needs to be erased. Hope he can. Uncounted men, women, and children have been murdered in Africa and the middle East by this fanatical cult and the world has expressed tolerance that now threatens all of Europe, too. Obama’s policies in the middle East have destabilized that region for decades, led to death and destruction for hundreds of thousands.

America is so divided by lies, continually being whipped up by the press to keep people listening each night to the next most outrageous insult or charge. Disgraceful that some of our congressmen spat on Democracy today by not even attending.

It will be a hard job for the new POTUS.

Last promise he made read like a prayer from him to us.

Your voice, your hopes, and your dreams, will define our American destiny. And your courage and goodness and love will forever guide us along the way.

I’m a skeptic, withholding judgement and criticism, and breathlessly hoping.  Am praying hard.

Prayers for the new President and for our nation.