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As a lifelong reader and writer, I always assumed I would be a published author. Luckily, I sold my first short story, then my first article. It took twenty years before a small press publisher, Advance Books, accepted and published my novel Potter’s Field.

Work was demanding, and I relaxed and just wrote for my own selfish satisfaction and to maintain my sanity. I hoped there would come a time in my life when I could focus on editing and looking for a publisher for some of the novels filling my closet. A friend, Pat Gentry, in my local writer’s group dared all the members to publish something on the internet. I put up the novel I had created in NaNoWriMo, Killing the Darlings, and became hooked. I now have ten books posted and am wondering how to sell them and which book to add next.

Now that I have conquered writing them, editing them, publishing them — the next dream is to sell them.

(Signed up for this today, 9/13/16, so if you buy one of my books here, I’ll probably make a penny more.)

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8 thoughts on “About Me”

    1. Sorry if I deleted this without answering. I have a ton of email each day and sometimes when I’m writing I just do quick purges. Yes, I love both the writer groups I attend these days. The CCWA one at the library is a critique session where we read and comment. The Foxleaf group is more on how to publish and promote. Only get there every once in a great while, but enjoy the focus. Just love meeting with writers.

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    1. Dick,
      So sorry to hear of her passing. She was a great lady, with a real spark and zest for life. Appreciate the note from you. Had been looking forward to her newsy Christmas card and all the great things you two had been up to this past year. Guess she’ll be busy organizing the angels and helping them get their good news off to their loved ones. Know it will be a sad Christmas for all of you, but she was just a lovely, lovely person. Think we all have been blessed for knowing her. Prayers in your season of grief.
      Love, Janet

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    1. Caroiyn, glad to have you following me. Hope you won’t be disappointed. I blog in spurts, taking 30 day challenges. Love writing the little posts, just not sure how productive a use of time it is. See from your site that we are writing similar settings. Happy to exchange beta copies anytime you like. This is a long time game and other than the love of story and writing, I’m not sure how to ever reach the next level. But definitely, love writing and will keep at it until I get to the end of the road. Like the similarities too.


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