Well, this is the end of the month. Ready to do a little two step. Had two challenges and this finishes the second one successfully. Ultimate Blog Challenge, write a blog post every day for a month, that you post on your website, Facebook, and Twitter. Check, check, and double check.

This will be the last post for a while until I get the first draft of the current book finished. Actually enjoy writing these little posts, forever hopeful that people read them and can relate. See from other writers, that the act of blogging helps them finish tasks, especially when writing nonfiction. I can see how it would do that if it didn’t steal time from the story or book I’m currently working on. Keep intending to try a video blog or podcast format, where you just blab for five to fifteen minutes and say goodnight. So far, haven’t had the time to learn how to do that. Maybe I’ll try as I get caught up on my writing.

Children started school today. Actually miss the getting ready for the new year, cleaning the room, and making the bulletin board, all for that first day when you get to meet your new students. But not enough to give up and go back to the classroom. Remember one of the hardest tasks was teaching little ones to tie their shoes. Finishing this is that hard, not sure how to tie the bow to end it. Finding images takes the most time, few would save.

So, knowing I’m not Betty Grable or Minnie Mouse (ignore her happy easter), will just leave their images to say I love you.

My first fan sent me a note today and she is the reason I want to blog. Thanks, Joann. Love all of you and will write back, anytime you want to say hello. biery35@gmail.com.



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