I mentioned the other day that we gave up our cable subscription and are relying on a subscription to Amazon Prime and the Internet, mainly YouTube for entertainment. So far, it has been wonderful. My daughter added us to Netflix the other week. Had no idea that this would be any good. My husband started watching a show this morning about eleven. It was after eight this evening before we came to the end of the show, Stranger Things.

We both love stories of adventure, especially starring children. It had hooks at the end of each little episode that compelled us to come back and watch just one more show. Thank goodness there was no Season 2 shows yet. I may never recover. Still trying to hit my word count for my Camp challenge tonight. And this is my shortest post yet. But did love it, always nice for us to spend that much time together doing anything.


4 thoughts on “BINGE WATCHING”

  1. I would love giving up Cable and saving that money but it is who my Internet is through so we have a package deal and only have it on one TV in the house. If we watch TV in the other rooms we just watch what is on TV which I am fine with as regular TV is all I watch anyway. Have a nice day.

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    1. It was hard, but even with the increase in the price of our Internet, we still saved over $75 by giving it up. With the new Smart TV, we have everything on the Internet to watch, plus with Amazon Prime and now sharing my daughter’s Netflix, more to watch than we will ever flip through. Amazed to learn most young people don’t have traditional phones at all, or cable. They get all they need off the Internet. Now if I could find a stripped down, news report instead of a endless editorial stream that is labeled news these days.


  2. Never thought I would, but we did take breaks. It was just nice to have something we were enjoying to turn back on, and not be a rerun or more propaganda news. Miss real news but don’t believe it will ever return. If you’re like me, I’ve over sixty years of building the television addiction so this has been a major change for me. Enjoying it so far.


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