Today, we’re supposed to blog about a controversial topic and give our opinion. I hate giving my opinion on anything, but I always do my homework.

Love living on this big blue earth. Currently, it is undergoing tremendous change as populations expand beyond resources. The debate is as to whether men are the cause of the current climate change.

I remember when Albert Gore, a Tennessean, claimed that the world was warming and the ice caps would melt and the oceans would rise, and most of the coastal regions would be lost. I didn’t believe him then, and I don’t believe him now, although I sat through the school broadcast of his film and the threat to the polar bears without giving my own lecture.  The data in his graphs had been badly manipulated. As a science and math teacher, I noticed that. Another reason I doubted it was we were having much colder than usual winters at the time.


Here is the latest NASA release on the issue, released for all those seeking funding during the Paris Climate accord.

Scientific consensus: Earth’s climate is warming

However, climate is influenced by many factors. The least of these is the CO2 content in the atmosphere. Water vapor has far more impact on the Greenhouse effect. The major causes of climate change are the magnetic shift in the poles, volcanic activity, solar activity, and ocean currents. Plus, our planet is only five hundred years out from the last little Ice Age and is still warming.


These are several reports from panels of thousands of scientists who argue that climate change is not unusual and it is not man-made. Even if it were, there is not enough money in the world to make any change that would be significant enough to change the weather. It is a hoax that has made Al and many government scientists rich. There are many real things to worry about, in my opinion, this is not one of them.

Love to hear your opinion.


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