Today we’re supposed to share our favorite blogs. Mine are all on writing or screenwriting (best tool I’ve found to learn story structure).

I don’t go online often to a particular site, there are so many riches out there. Receive email when some of my favorites post a new blog and always check out these people.

JoAnna Penn at The Creative Penn  – her blogs are recorded plus transcripts and she has a great English accent plus priceless, current advice on the Indie-Publishing world.

Orna Ross -www.ornaross.com – another big Indie-Author, with a lovely Irish accent, she interviews the best, her blog is recorded with transcripts so you can listen or read it.

Seth Godin – @ThisisSethsBlog – old, talks a little swishy, knows everything about writing, selling, and making a living as a writer or speaker.

Other podcasts and blogs I follow on YouTube:

Ashley Scott Meyers, selling your screenplays – he interviews independent film makers and award winning ones. Lots of advice on how to sell your work.

Erik Bork @flyingwrestler.com – famous for writing Band of Brothers script, has wonderful practical advice on story writing of all kinds

Jenna Moreci – she is loud, (swears a lot), writes short peppy blogs and I love her energy and enthusiasm

Brandon Sanderson – lessons on Sci-Fi Fantasy writing, whenever I’m needing a glimpse at a successful writer, like to listen to him teaching his genre, a low energy speaker

I read newsletters that send me to feature bloggers.

Writer Unboxed: Some of the best current writers about the publishing industry.

Book Baby: Generic blogs, well-written on designing covers, writing back-of-book blurbs, fighting writer’s block, etc.

In other words, fart away way too much of my life online because I feel I have to be constantly learning something new all of the time. Internet and YouTube make that more than possible and terribly addictive.



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