It won’t happen until August 21st, but already all the hotels in town are booked for the event. Television stations have begun to spread the news. In case you haven’t heard, one of the most miraculous events will occur in a vast area in the United States where people can gather to watch it. If I were Mark Twain, I’d be writing a book using it as a plot point. The total eclipse of the sun will occur, and we know precisely when and where.

As an old science teacher, I wish I had some students to share my excitement with. So here are a couple of links so I won’t shout your ears off. No one explains better than Nasa.


If you want to join the 12.2 million they predict will watch, see where you can drive to and sit in awe for a couple of life changing minutes, (with protective goggles of course), here is that link.


And to just fade away, here is a great song.



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