I’ve mentioned before my love of reading and learning, as well as my tendency to listen to podcasts and webinars. Creative Live has an interesting series of interviews with best-selling authors and how they write. It is called Between the Lines and here is their description. I love their previous series, they run some wonderful how-to classes on art, photography, author promotion, etc. They are always free during the live sessions and very affordable if you want to buy access to the videos or workshops later.


Between the Lines is a series about uncovering the REAL story of these 16 best-selling authors and what story telling means to them. Each of these authors has their own stories that influence their work. Most writers are writing either directly or indirectly based on their experience, their dreams, or their realities. They are telling their stories, whether they are “made up” or based on real life. That takes a ton of bravery, a ton of courage, and that is what stops people generally from putting themselves out there. There is a fear of being not only judged on your work but your ideas. Writing takes BRAVERY. It takes a leap to put yourself out there for eyes to read what you have to say, and then there is the part of actually getting it done. This series is really about being brave, how these authors write their truth and how they MOVE people through their creative pursuits. This series is about what is “between the lines” for each these authors.

Here is the link to the website and signup. It has the list of fantastic authors being interviewed and when the shows will be presented. Kelly Corrigan is a great interviewer so I’m sure it will be fun. Especially helpful if you are considering writing your own memoir or reality inspired fiction, you might want to check it out.

Meanwhile, I’m still trying to escape the internet and get back to my own writing. As usual, finding it hard to stay focused.



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