Not sure if this will work, but our prompt tonight was to make a list. I really don’t make as many lists as I used to. When I first retired, every night I still made a list of things to do, and the next day worked on them, hoping to cross off as many as possible that night before making the next. I would do them step by step, always numbering after I made the list so the simple, easy things came first. When possible, always breaking down complicated tasks into simpler ones. The joy in a list for me was always crossing off items.

Since I’m writing a novel, the steps for it might look like this.
Find images of the characters.
Decide on the setting and research the area, again finding photos if possible.
Outline the novel, emphasis on the opening scene, major turning points, and the closing scene.
Write a scene at a time, 1000 to 2000 words. Researching as new questions arise.
Read through the completed rough draft. Make editorial changes based on structure, adding scenes, or taking things out or maybe moving them after supplying additional information.
Write and ask if people who have read or reviewed previous books will read my edited draft to look for any additional errors.
Edit using mechanical apps, like Grammarly, Hemingway, Paperrater, Ginger, etc.
Send off to readers and wait for their changes and suggestions.
Work on cover and back blurb.
Rewrite and make corrections as needed from Beta readers.
Format versions for Kindle and Create Space.
Post book on line in both versions and make changes after looking at preview copies.
Publish and outline the next.

Which all sounds well and good, but as I write, too often the characters just come alive and run off with my imagination and the storyline. I try to follow, adjusting as I can, but enjoying capturing the developing story. Polishing comes later.

Now, I admit I am slowing down. I make a list about once a week, forget to look at it most days, and feel glad if I run across it and find I’m able to cross off a few things.

Do you make lists, and if so do you use any apps or programs to make it easier?

Trying to end with one of my favorite Abbot and Costello skits. If it doesn’t open, just google their skit, Niagara Falls online. Hope you enjoy.


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