Late again tonight. Just barely finished my thousand words, and inclined to keep writing. Thought I would punt again with a few quotes from one of my favorites, Will Rogers.

Rogers was a witty cowboy from Oklahoma who could poke fun at the politicians of his day in short pithy comments that never mentioned murder. Part Cherokee, he first charmed the nation by doing rope tricks for the Ziegfield Follies, but his wit and jokes were the best part of his act. He made movies, wrote columns, and kept the nation laughing through some hard times. Here are a few of his words of wisdom.

First politics, since I was wanting a quote to use on Twitter when I started reading these.

This next group is just his philosophy of life, at least the part I agree with. Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “FAMOUS QUOTES”

  1. Hi Janet,
    Thanks for the smile. I needed a smile. I have just spent the last few hours putting together a video to add to my blog post. It has just shut the computer down. no warning, no saving. I have been rendering the video after all of the editing when it dies. same thing both times. I think the computer is overheating with all of the work it has to do. So I posted without the video. I can add it in later when the computer and I have cooled down.
    I wonder what Will has to say about technology. The video even had a horse in it.
    Blog on !


  2. You’re welcome. Know what you mean about technology. Guess I will try again to use the new program I bought the other day. Fear I will lose all past blogs, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. Hope you get your dragon slain this weekend too.


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