My word count was short last night, and again tonight. Stopped to write this post, already 11:40 so pretty good odds it will post after midnight. I am at a major turning point and keep changing directions and taking out scenes and replacing them with others. Not what Nano is about, it’s supposed to be writing in a blind, white hot continuous flow to complete a rough draft. I know I should stop now, but still, I’m dithering.

Will write after posting this and try to at least make the measly thousand words for today. Pitiful. It never gets easier. This is book twenty-two or so, plus there are four or five shorter works, and these are the ones I’ve written and published after retirement. There are still a dozen projects completed and many abandoned that I never sold but believed they had promise. I’m sure they are so dated if written, or less than worthy if abandoned, that I just plow ahead with new things. At times like tonight, I wonder if I should just go digging through the closet and see if there’s something easier to write.

It is never easy, at least not for me. I’ve focused on a genre, preferring to write the books that sell. They seem to all be historical romance. I may break free next month and try a short mystery, but probably not. Wait, maybe I could write a mystery set in the 1800’s or early 1900’s. I love that kind of book. But no, I set a goal to write a series of novels featuring civil war wives, one from each of the thirty-four states. I’m only on book three.

So I sit here dithering, wool gathering, procrastinating, and in general not accomplishing a lot. Well, at least when I’m blogging, it gives me something else to write.



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