Today I was going to get so much done. Change my blog site, write twice as many words, get my blog written earlier in the day. I planned it all, and like this old goose, I let everyone know what I was going to do.


I gave it a little try, only I went to bed really late, and then I woke up even later. I came out to the computer and sat down. I beat the water a little bit, wrote the minutes for the CCWA writers group from the day before and posted them to Facebook. Opened my novel’s file, but then thought maybe I ought to eat some leftover chicken noodles I’d made the day before.


So, I went down to settle in front of the television and surf through Netflix and Amazon until I picked a stupid movie to watch while I ate. Homemade stock from chicken quarters, but ready-made noodles, yummy. Like this big goose, I felt too fat and lazy to tackle technology when it’s much easier to just float along.


Tonight when I came back up, I decided I’d better work on my novel, rather than waste the rest of the day battling with things I don’t understand. Made my thousand words, then, of course, I needed to do this post thing. Finally, felt like I’d taken flight with the words all flowing.

I may never get an email list, and that’s okay. I really only want to write until I see where this story is going. Right now, he is leaving and their hearts are breaking at being pulled apart, and it is slow writing.



But I never forget that this is my goal. To write and work and polish a story until it is good enough to pull a reader along with me on the journey.

I may never be a whiz or entrepreneur or any of the things a modern successful Indi-Author is supposed to be. But some days, it’s enough to be a silly old goose and just write.


6 thoughts on “WRITING INSTEAD”

  1. Hi, Janet. Sometimes it’s okay to be a silly ole’ goose.
    Here’s what you accomplished today:
    1. You woke up after being well rested
    2. You “beat the water”
    3. Wrote the minutes for your FB group
    4. Nourished your body
    5. Vegged out for a movie
    6. STILL wrote 1,000 words – reaching your daily goal
    7. Wrote a blog post for the Ultimate Blog Challenge
    8. Posted said blog post inside the FB group
    9. Pulled me along with your words ^_^
    10. Getting closer to your goal

    You’re a gem, never forget that.


    1. Thanks Sara for the interpretive reading. Honestly, I feel more like a little lump of coal most of the time, rather than a gem. But I always believe I’m going to be a diamond someday. Love to you too.


  2. I like the pictures you are using to illustrate your story. Along with your words, I followed your flight to the end.
    Have you thought of using your blog “ramblings” as a “creative wakeup” for your main writing project by getting them out first thing in the morning?


  3. Yes, but I am one of those fools who wake up early and my brain wakes up about four hours later. Function fine, just not creative at all. Glad you enjoyed my goose ramblings.


    1. Thanks Liv. I’ve finally finished this book. Took me about three months to reach “The End”. Formatting today. I envy you. If one can conquer marketing and promotion, I have this fantasy that one could make a living at this. Love to write so much though, and at least filing them on the Internet is a good deal safer than just in a computer. Have had several machines die over the years, with books and stories locked inside. Still, just living for the journey. Happy writing.


  4. Aw, this was such a sweet post 🙂 Writing is the most important part. I think it’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of marketing and promotion that I lose sight of actually writing.


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