Since there is nothing in my head for the second time in this challenge, I looked at the prompt. Gratitude sounds a lot like platitude and I don’t want to sound trite. But today as I read all the online news I could stomach, I was struck by a story about the collapse of another country, like so many around the world in recent years, Venezuela. The thing that shocked me the most was not that people are starving and desperate, that seems to be the pattern after the Soros crew are through, but that there is no toilet paper left in the country. They have to cross the border to even buy that basic necessity. It reminded me that I am grateful to live in America, where people are still free and where the forces of evil haven’t destroyed us yet.

So here are a few more suggestions of why and how to benefit from taking a moment to appreciate what we have, instead of whining and complaining about what we don’t. I have a friend in another online group, she is working on her second year of listing what she is grateful each day. It has helped her survive medical and emotional crisis yet stay positive. So below is a summary of what just looking on the positive side of the ledger can do for your body.


Since I’ve tried every other diet, slimming down by just being grateful seems a simpler plan to try, as well as all the other benefits. If you are willing to try but not sure how to begin, here are a few suggestions to help inspire you.


Even without the list I know I am blessed. I love and feel loved and there is nothing more that I need. What are you grateful for?



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