I watch and listen to far more infomercials or online webinars than any human should. I’m eager to learn and ready to be transformed after each session. I seldom bite on the offer, because if it sounds any good, it probably sounds better than it is.

Blogging is like that. Every few months I decide, “yes I can,” and I get excited and interested in trying to make an interesting web page, and blogging – because – as every expert tells you, it helps you gain readers and sell more books. All also point out if you are to grow and become more successful, you need to attract readers who share their email so you can contact them when the next book is ready, or whatever you’d like to sell

The real hang-up for me is that you have to buy a website and pay the host (usually four or five dollars a month) for the rest of your life, or until you give up on your own website. I’ve been very happy with the free version of WordPress for over three years now.  But you can’t collect emails on a free site, or at least I’ve never figured out how and I’ve given it a couple of tries.

So I listened to a spell-binder at and signed up for a lifetime secure host for a one-time payment of about $40. Now, I will be wasting most of the day, trying to figure out how to transfer the old blog posts onto the new site without losing everything. Wish me luck.


Well, I admit, I have zero internet skills. Will have to punt this project until tomorrow in order to make my word count on my book tonight. More to follow.


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