I’ve never been a gambler, so I’ve never believed in lucky numbers. The blog tip was to write about numbers though, so I’ll try. Think this was the prompt for yesterday, not today though. Will probably not be posting this until after midnight again, which is tomorrow, so there you go.

Post 14, almost half way in this blog challenge. Passed the halfway mark today in Camp Nano, so I’m relatively happy. Wish I had set my goal at two or three thousand words a day though, instead of just one thousand. That’s the trouble with goals, they are almost always self-fulfilling. Love this Henry Ford quote. When I taught Algebra I would write it on the board whenever anyone would say they couldn’t do the math.


A wise man, because he didn’t waste any words. Found a list as I was searching for the quote to make sure I punctuated it correctly. Fewer the words, the more powerful the decision between a period or comma. Totally changes the connotation.

I’ve decided my lucky number is seven.


lucky_number_7__by_jayve1It’s the one I always pick when asked that question. Also found a bonus of seven more fantastic quotes from old Henry. Something to chew on, and I finally decided, he had it right each time. Hard list to comply with though.

Ford Quotes(1)

What’s your lucky number?


4 thoughts on “LUCKY NUMBER”

  1. Well, I’ve heard we should be afraid of 13. But I’ve never been into numerology, although I do love numbers. Wishing you lots of luck with all your numbers.


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