The Eiffel Tower is illuminated during the traditional Bastille Day fireworks display in Paris

Happy Bastille Day. If you’re like me, I’d heard of it, never realized it was their 4th of July. Celebrated every July 14th, the date was the kickstart to the French Revolution, the storming of the jail to free political dissidents.

Shows what you can learn when you are surfing in the middle of writing. Did get my story untangled and back on track and actually added over another thousand words. Happy.

As I searched for something to blog about, ran across the speech by the two presidents. People have died for ideas, been led to battle by words, by written speeches. Powerful for every writer to remember.

After listening, as always, I feel hopeful. With the homeless immigrants swept from the streets for this time of celebration, there weren’t the terrible riots that made watching the German coverage of G20 so difficult.

With each of these new televised meetings with other leaders from around the world, I’m always struck by how much respect they pay to this President. Sadly, not how he is treated at home.

Macron was a little faster reader, but in French, so maybe that made it seem faster. The reminder of the great sacrifice of life that is required to have the liberty and rights we enjoy always brings a lump to my throat.

Trump’s respect toward Macron and promise to remain staunch allies made me feel a little more secure. The speech was wonderful, the reminder that France was our ally in overthrowing British control and establishing our freedom. That they have fought beside us in every conflict, and we’ve returned the favor, especially in WWI and WWII.

They gave us our wonderful icon of Liberty.  God bless France and thank you. Happy Birthday Party.




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