Writing along tonight, slow and steady, deep in my scene. Wanted to know the name of a street in Charleston and went bird walking. Suddenly I realized I had taken a tangent to the story I had planned. I was nowhere on the right path, but merely in contact with the storyline at one point and wandering off in the wrong direction.

I like thinking through my story before I start. Know the characters, beginning and ending, and a few of the high points.  Scenes I develop as I write, watching my characters interact with each other and their world, but always with the known fixed points in sight. This chapter was off-base.

I’ve been muddling through the last four chapters, looking for what is in the wrong place, what needs to be changed, and if anything can be saved. Ready to call uncle for the night and hope the solution appears by dawn. Did make my word count today, now have 13.5K more than at the end of JuNoWriMo so have 54,702 words total. Or did. Interesting to see what can be saved or changed by tomorrow. Sometimes writing is fun. Sometimes, not so much.

Praying for my muse to show up and inspire me in my sleep. Sorry, this post is actually being written late. First one this challenge. Have posted several late, but written them on time. Just is not a clear night for me. Thank goodness there is always tomorrow.



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