baskets-of-peaches-louise-heusinkveld (1)

We had our first July hot day. Felt like a scorcher but was only about eighty-seven degrees. I had a bowl of peaches on the table, they were on sale at our local Aldi’s last weekend but had been too hard. Every day the smell has been growing sweeter. I’m sure they were not grown locally. They were white peaches and the only other place I’d had them was on the way to Niagara Falls, somewhere along the border between Virginia and North Carolina. Those were hot, fresh picked peaches and absolutely divine.  We ate them with the sweet sticky juice leaking out. I’ve been anticipating the taste of these.

Of course, these may have come from Germany, South America, or Georgia, or from that roadside orchard north of us. It’s a different world than driving along a road and stopping for a basket of fruit. It didn’t matter, today they were ripe.

Peeled and sprinkled them with sugar, only stealing three or four slices as I waited for them to start bleeding that sweet juice into the bowl the way only lightly sugared fruit will do. Then I dished up some nice cold vanilla ice cream and covered it with peaches.


My husband and I agreed, they were not nearly as good as those fresh-picked ones along the road, but they were great for our first peaches of the summer.

I hear tomorrow will be even hotter. We did buy a watermelon at the tomato barn where we get our summer vegetables. It’s getting cold and ready as we speak.

Hope you enjoyed some summer bounty. Something worth leaving the air-conditioning and sitting on the porch to eat.





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