Shared images of intriguing roads yesterday, but the one I’ve been on today is certainly the broadest and most prone to lollygagging. I’ve fallen into surfing the web. Although I love company, I spent more time cooking, talking, watching films, and none watching television news. In catching up on current events, I’ve read and watched the last three days in wonder. Too late, coming to my senses and writing.

Mere 1056 tonight, although may write more after I post this.

I gave up cable about six weeks ago because I’d become obsessed with the continued climate of political warfare. In book three tonight, I’m in the prelude to the Civil War, when heated debate, a hard-fought political campaign, and the direction Americans believed the country should take were so different it led to five years of war and the loss of lives and destruction of much of the countryside. Probably would be better off if I were writing a contemporary mystery or one of my quieter, Mountain Wives stories.

The parallels are too troublesome. Most of what I read, fortunately, was about Europe and the G-20 conference. Enjoyed reading the speech to Poland by the President, and was impressed by the warm reception he received there. In Germany, the sessions seemed to be productive and for the most part positive. But then the Antarchist destruction and mob riots in Germany all under the guise of protest were shocking. We are definitely living in strange times.

Three days of the current craziness in the news is far too much and I’ll try to go cold turkey tomorrow and get more work done on this book. Still reminded as I write how extreme language is divisive, words can and do have consequences, and a nation so divided cannot long stand. Miss the days of objective reporting instead of editorialized presentation of viewpoints. Too many people trying to tell us how and what to think.

Praying that sanity and unity are soon restored and we make progress on the harsh issues that confront us. Would love if there were harmony and love among all as we work as one people, one nation, to solve our current problems.  Praying for all hearts to open and share love and charity and that the hate groups remain in Europe and never return to this land that we love.



2 thoughts on “THE PATH TOO BROAD”

  1. What is the correct way to spell “here hear”
    I hear ( well read actually) what you are saying and agree completely.
    My televison is seldom on. During supper, other family members like to listen to a program called “Power and Politics”. I sit with my back to the picture and listen to the opinions thrown back and forth between the panel members.
    Being able to select the source of information and to search for only the information we need is a real improvement on having to put up with what broadcasters want to sell you.
    Now I am learning to tune out the online flags that wave and try to attract me down yet another rabbit hole of distraction..
    Blog on!


    1. Wasn’t sure if you were pointing out one of my many boo-boos or just asking a question. Will look back to the blog to see which it is. Thank you.
      I think it’s because I’m writing about the Civil War when words of hate and division were preached and written so loudly and often it tore the nation apart. I look at Soros and his group and all the countries they have used these same tactics in: the Middle East, South and Central America, now Europe and America. He uses his wealth to fund hate groups, buy and control the media and the message, and buy corrupt allies in the government to overthrow the elected or stable leader. With promises of socialism and everything free, he turns mobs loose to destroy and take control. Then like a giant evil spider he sits to suck up all the wealth, leaving an entire nation in despair, poverty, and chaos. Each time creating more refugees to use as tools to destabilize another country. It is like a living nightmare and I’ve just had to turn my back on it. Miss the ritual of reading the paper or watching the news to relax and then watching Wheel and Jeopardy. It’s no longer a choice though if I’m to remain sane. Too overactive an imagination I guess.
      So sorry for the tirade.


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