My company is still here, but I made my word count for the night and feel back on the path. It’s a long road with no end in sight, but one only reaches a goal by moving forward one mile at a time.

Since I’m still writing and pushing to get a blog post in also, will close with a few inspiring images of roads and gateways. I like this one best because of the rainbow up ahead. It is our first day without rain this week and we are looking forward to a couple of rain-free days this weekend. My husband is actually looking forward to having a chance to mow.

Still in love with Pinterest. Sometimes when I’m wool-gathering, I enjoy looking at striking pictures that lead down a secret path or road and imagine who might be tempted to follow it all the way to the end. It’s always intriguing to follow along on their adventures.


2 thoughts on “BACK ON THE PATH”

  1. I’ve been writing all along, I just gave up blogging. Enjoy it, but really cannot figure out what to focus on to blog that could possibly interest people. Appreciate your encouragement.


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