As a nonathlete, there are few things I admire more than those who shape and chisel their bodies to perfection. Bruce Lee always seemed like that to me, the way he could jump and chop away at any opponent, moving with a grace and speed that was magical. The other thing I admire about him was his philosophical nature. He tried to codify and define what he believed and was trying to teach to others. Love this quote. Wish I could be this flexible, at least in my mind and view of life.

Instead, I’m pretty much the opposite. I fret and worry about the inconsequential and often lose my mind over something I see or read tweeted somewhere. Not a good thing for a writer. Tonight, after watching movies (two of which were cartoons), I’m back in my restful frame of mind enough to write.

A few words over twelve hundred tonight which puts me over 5600 for this month’s challenge. Last month as I mentioned before, I fell short of writing 50 K by eight thousand. Instead of writing 1667 every day, I averaged about 1400. So this month, I’ve set my goal at 30 K and am trying to write at least one thousand a day. More relaxed and manageable. Like last month, I intend to write every day.  We’ll see.

I’m a little old, as is my daughter, to be watching cartoons, but in the great debate over what to watch there seemed less to offend one or the other of us. If you haven’t seen it, Moana is a wonderful film. The gorgeous ocean scenery and great music made up for the usual Disney trope of the woman as the hero. Would love to see a film again where boys and girls are allowed to be equally heroic. Realize that’s not pro-feminists, but I think we’ve probably seen enough of men as idiots who need a strong, smart woman to guide them. My daughter took the opposite view and thought films are finally depicting real life. Oh well, so much for becoming like water.

Hope your summer is going well. We had the usual heavy rain in the middle of the day. Not forty days straight yet so I’m not building my own boat.



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