Turned a year older today. Daughter visiting baked me a wonderful cake, chocolate with chocolate icing. Not enough of it left to take a picture, but prettier than this. Also, mine didn’t have any candles, since we didn’t want the fire department to break in.

I cooked one of her favorites, cabbage rolls, and we overindulged all day. Continued the movie fest and conversations. My husband ate nearly half the cake, so I could have been worse, but not sure how, since I ate mine with ice cream. As I told her, it’s not something I normally make, try not to make anything that can’t be consumed in one meal. She promised to take some of the cabbage rolls home with her, so it doesn’t count. Love female logic.

With movie binging, between the thunderstorms that swept through off and on today, the cooking, eating, and talking, I did very little work.  A few over two hundred words and this self-indulgent blog. Since retiring, I try to push to maintain a writing schedule. It always gets broken for family, travel, or editing. I know editing is part of the process, but it is the slowdown and run through the wet concrete phase for me. Want to finish the current novel, but just had to stop and be a little bad today.

Without the guilt, I’m not sure there would be half the pleasure. What about you? Do you ever overindulge in things that just make you happy, then feel guilty about it? Would love to hear from you and what hobby or duty drives you.

Find retirement to be its own special challenge. I’ve always believed persistence and hard work provides the greatest satisfaction in a job well done. Maybe it was the way I was raised. We were taught to believe everyone has a purpose and a reason on this earth, and the main one is to contribute to making the world better and safer for others.

Doesn’t seem to be true for many young people. Read in the New York Times the other day that there are thousands of young men who have never joined the workforce, many are happy staying home and playing video games. Maybe if there were someone to bake the cake and bring me a slice, I could try it. No, probably too much guilt.




2 thoughts on “BEING BAD”

  1. Happy Birthday! I’m glad to hear that you had such an enjoyable day.

    In answer to your question, sometimes I do indulge, especially after a lot of hard work. I don’t usually feel guilty about it because everyone needs to relax and recharge so one can continue doing what they do. I really like what you said about everyone having a purpose, I believe that, too.

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  2. Thanks for kind wishes. Glad I’m not the only one. Actually, she has stayed another day and we’ve wasted it just as deliberately. So not too guilty.


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