Not the fourth until tomorrow, but neighbors have been setting them off since it turned dark. Wish the rains had made it instead. Still big booms, but at least they have a purpose. Really, I’m just grousing because I’m trying to write and only 112 words tonight.  Anything for a distraction.

Twitter and the Internet have caused my downfall. I’ve been at my desk nearly two hours,  wasted time checking and tweeting, then reading and following links. Finally noticed the time and here I am, a little too little and a lot of time wasted. Y is closed tomorrow so will just sit and plink out more, at least a thousand more before I yield. Procrastination, it’s not just a disease, it’s a way of life.

I have no idea what the proposed length of a blog should be. Think it used to be 300 to 1000 words. Believe that was before people ran out of patience to read long ones. Most I read are short like this. Not trying to teach or offer training, just share my journey as I struggle to create another book. Often feel like I have a butterfly net with really fine cloth and I’m using it to capture dreams which I struggle to keep real and alive as I pin them in the pages of a book. Another analogy I like is the one below.

For all you writers and dreamers out there, happy writing and happy and safe 4th of July.




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