Renewed Challenges


I have just finished Junowrimo, a 30-day writing challenge on the Facebook page with the same name. I tried to write 50,000 words on my new novel, Katherine of South Carolina: Going to War With a Picnic Basket. I didn’t finish the book or complete my goal, but I did write 42,101 words and put some down each of the thirty days.

I find these goals, whether I reach them or not, increase my productivity. One of the wonderful things about retirement and being a senior (turn 69 this month), is not wanting to do that much anymore, and to only work when and if I want to.  Since my lifelong goal has been to be a successful author, that kind of schedule doesn’t lead to very many books. I’m pleased to have twenty-five up on Amazon since retiring and hope to add one or two more this year. This, if I finish it, will be the third in my new Civil War Wives series.

Two challenges, which I’ve accomplished in the past, but may do me in this year, will be the Ultimate Blog Challenge (31 daily posts) and CampNaNoWriMo where I hope to add at least another 30,000 words to my current project or as many more words as it takes to complete it.

I’ve given up on three lifelong goals.  Staying young, losing weight, and becoming super fit. Just trying to maintain, not increase my round shape, and stay active and mobile. My husband assures me I will not become any younger and I’ve had to agree he is right about that.

Hope you are still challenging yourself with whatever your goal may be. Good luck to us all and have a safe and Happy 4th of July weekend.



8 thoughts on “Renewed Challenges”

  1. Good morning, Congrats on all of your books. I will have to check you out on Amazon as my dad loves these types of books. I love your husbands advice as it makes so much sense. As I am very round as well and looking to lose weight which doesn’t seem to be happening. I like you am a Senior as I am 52 and a mom of a 9 year old. Yes, it is crazy but I wouldn’t change being a mom at any age.

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    1. Glenda, how exciting to raise a child at your young age. God blesses us with the greatest surprises sometimes. Know you feel that way too. Since I turned 69 this month on the 6th, think I’m the senior and you are just a young, middle-aged woman. I fuss about my rounded state, but I’ve had an ice cream bar today already and four oreo cookies. One has to maintain one’s figure, whatever its shape.


  2. So you’re doing Camp Nanowrimo again in July? Wow! You have more stamina than I have. I’m still recovering from our April marathon. That one worked well for me. I’m now in the final edits stage of Henrietta’s Journal, but not ready to take the plunge again for a while.

    I agree with your new “elderly” goals–of course I’m eight years older than you and less productive. Still, it’s a great feeling to know that I’m working because I want to, not because I’m trying to measure up to someone else’s standards. Good luck with Katherine!


    1. Thanks, I’m reading Henrietta’s Journal, finally figured out how to load and open it on Kindle. Really enjoying it. Only found one or two things. Pretty sure now you meant factor, so that one’s not an error. Might want to say, they were the cotton factor, or agent, the first time since this sounds like what the job entails. Love that she’s a working woman even with the baby. Guess you can tell about where I’m at. I warned you I’m slow. One other spot I remember, I think is just a typo, “pencils, coins, and cand7 lozenges”, bet that 7 was a y.

      Oh, found the third little thing. “who may turn out to be the love of my life,” since this was their first meeting, I was surprised that she might think this. Felt a little like foreshadowing when I read it. Might soften it by adding, like every young man she met, she wondered if he might turn out to be, etc. Just a thought.

      It’s really helpful to me, because my current novel is set for the first half in Charleston, S.C. too. Great coincidence. Mine is the start of the war and the bombing of Fort Sumter, but still it helps to have street names, etc. Love you. Not sure if I’m committed to my goals or merely ready to be committed. But it is fun to dream up a story and then read a review later from someone who has loved the characters and stories as much as I did.
      Happy writing.


  3. I’m 64, and we just had to take my 89 year old to the ER this past week – a fall (she hit her head but fortunately, no damage). If I had a goal for the rest of my life, it would be to maintain and improve my balance. I don’t want to live out my last few years like she is doing (it’s far from her first fall).


    1. Prayers for you both. I go to the gym, mainly swim, three times a week. Hope I am staying even. Wasted two years of retirement going five or six times a week and recording every calorie. Look the same now as then. Just have to keep doing my best, but no more fantasies on that score.


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