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Since the rain stopped, people have been setting off fireworks again tonight. Guess we get four days worth around here. They are pretty, but our cats hate them and run under the deck.

Must say I love all holidays. There’s a music festival in a nearby town, Smithville. Not sure if we’ll make it this year, the family may be home, and then there is the chance of bad weather.  It’s always worth attending, love the blue grass music from the best musicians anywhere. Also, always enjoy the clogging groups.

Continuing to work on the third book in my Civil War Wives Series. Slow progress today so will work on it a little more tonight. Did create a possible cover, and that took most of the day. Will post it at the bottom of this short blog. Had to alter the title I had been using, but it says the same thing. A Picnic to Start the War: Katherine of South Carolina,  is about the first fight in the Civil War over Fort Sumter at the port of Charlestown. Another love story and a challenge to research and write. The research is always the part I love. More tomorrow. Happy Fourth of July, stay safe.


2 thoughts on “INDEPENDENCE DAY”

  1. Hi Janet,
    Back in April, while we were camping out together at Nanowrimo, you suggested that you might be willing to do some beta exchanging. The book I was working on back then is now ready for some outside input. I’ve done several editing read-throughs and have now put it into cold storage for a month so that I can come back to it with fresh eyes. Do you have time to take a look? It’s approx. 82,000 words, set in SC in 1830s.


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