Blogged earlier today about my early addiction to books. Stopped for lunch, or would have posted it then. Addictions are nothing to be proud of. Almost every room in my house has a wall lined with shelves and crowded with books. For Christmas, most of my cleaning was moving the stacks of books to shelves or into closets so the kids and grandkids wouldn’t think I’m a hoarder. My new tablet at Christmas has over two thousand Kindle books saved. Okay, I am a book hoarder, but I try to be a neat one.

I’m not saying this to brag. I’m really embarrassed that I am such a book hog, but I love books. One of my secret fears is to have time to relax and nothing good to read.


Since I can remember, I’ve been making up my own stories, but I really didn’t start to write until my son was four and my daughter two. A stay at home mom, I went to take a writing class and left them at daycare for the hour or so I would be there. My daughter of course just walked out the door and started walking down the street. Luckily they noticed and my son ran out and caught her. We were all rather shaken, and I didn’t try that again.

Back then, in the seventies, there was no Internet, no free workshops, nothing. But the lovely teacher, Leola Archer, also taught extension classes at U.T., and I mailed in the homework. She was so encouraging to me to keep writing, and when it was good, told me where to submit my work.

Leola proposed I join her writer’s group, Pen Women, in Knoxville. All remarkable women, all multi-accomplished in their fields. Some were composers, others artists, photographers, but most were writers. They met on Saturdays, and my husband the angel watched the children. At the time you needed  three professional, paid for credits to join, and I had exactly three. Wonderful time. Have been writing stories, articles and books for over forty years.

Started a writer’s group when we moved to Cookeville because I missed my writer friends. Cannot encourage anyone too much to join a group of writers. The praise and criticism is priceless. Most of all, I love being in a room with sympathetic souls who do not think I’m any crazier than they are.


All those years I wrote, edited, submitted, queried, went to conferences to meet editors and other writers. Mailing submissions off with a SASE and return postage. The usual routine. Sold lots of stories and how-to articles, but only one book.

Then Pat Gentry dared everyone in our little group to post a book on Kindle. Bless her heart. It’s like any other compulsion now. I write and work on the book until it’s the best I can do, but instead of burying it in some computer that goes dead and swallows it whole, I clean it up and publish on Amazon. Since retiring I have quite a cluster posted there now, admittedly some of them are a little weird.


Tonight, just received a five star review on the new book, Joanna of Virginia: Fires Down the Shenandoah. Made me so happy I danced around the room.

Knowing somewhere, someone is paying money and taking down my book to read to while away an idle hour or sleepless night is priceless. I encourage everyone that has a story in your heart or crowding your head to write it. After all, the more you write the more you have to read – maybe even one of my books.

And this makes 31 blog posts this month. Yay, another dance tonight.





4 thoughts on “BOOK LOVER”

  1. Congratulations on the five-star review and 31 posts for January. You must have gotten busy since then! I can’t imagine every finishing as many books as you have. You have no time to rest on your laurels. WOW! 🙂 I’m featuring your blog in my list of blogs to visit in March.

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  2. Thanks, Marsha. I’m really just hit or miss. Do a thirty day blog challenge, and then wait for the next time and do it again. Enjoy it, but usually too busy writing another book. Just finished a new one and am waiting to hear from ARC readers, so put it up on Pre-order. It’s another Civil War Wives Book, this time about Irish immigrants and their role in the war. Called Erin of New York. Will be lucky to get three written this year so I’m slowing down. Checking Facebook a minute ago, and saw some of those ladies write one a month. Now that’s prolific.


    1. Thanks, Connor. I just always had the ambition to write, now I have no excuse not too. Really not that disciplined, but boredom requires me to keep my mind busy somehow. Love writing. I try to participate in the NaNoWriMo in fall and the two summer camps. I’m also trying to do the Junowrimo on Facebook this month. Find the group push helps, then I also belong to two local writer’s groups and that gives me a little supportive push. I’ve always written, but haven’t tried to resurrect any of my earlier work and publish it yet, but may if the well runs dry. You look very young, sure you will have a greater output than me someday. I’m tending to write longer and longer books. Cuts down on the number of books produced, but that’s the beauty of self-publishing. No deadlines, no restrictions.
      Good luck to you on your own work.


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