Believe it or not, my husband has always accused me of doing this, thinking too much. I have trouble falling asleep because my mind just keeps churning. Reading helps, but not when I find a really good novel to read, then I’m awake even longer trying to finish it.

Found this article very thought provoking, because I wrote last week about judging myself. It is something we all do more and more these days. With social media often our only social input, it is hard not to be confused by it all. See a lot of bullying and hate in what flows past in the polluted streams. Shame, but everyone seems much more judgmental than in the past, of ourselves and of others.


On Twitter and Facebook, I saw followers praising and ranting about President’s new orders. Also in my feed, were well written articles stating diametrically opposed reports.

One argued security feeds have reported increased risks, these were countries previously targeted by last President as security risks, and last President had a six month’s ban earlier in his administration against a Muslim country without a single protest.

Other article stated undeniably that there had been no Islamic attacks in U.S. in the last ten years. Called this President racist, anti-Muslim, and a hater.

Not sure if the truth can be published any more, or if there is anyone willing merely to state objective facts without telling us what they mean and how we are expected to feel about them. The already prejudiced viewpoint of the reporter seems to color all they report. Last year’s divisive election year rhetoric has not died down.

Would like to read the facts and truth – like the good old days. I’m pretty sure we had a Boston Marathon bombing, a terror attack on a dance club for the LBGT, and a recent attack at a Florida airport. Sure there are many I can’t remember. Think each of the attackers announced the attacks were for Allah. But maybe that wasn’t Islamic extremists, maybe immigrants given citizenship so no longer citizens from these countries, or all may have been attacks by radicalized Americans.

My memory is not as good as it used to be, so I’d like to read a list, a report, some facts. I miss the integrity of the fourth estate and objective reporting. I’ve always loved reading, taking in a string of facts, and developing my own opinion. I no longer get a major newspaper, or a local one, had little but a reprint of Internet news and police reports of local crimes. Read my news online from three or four networks and social feeds these days, because the television sources seem far too biased for me.

But now, a good liar can write and post anything they want on the Internet, and fake news looks like real news and I can’t even tell the difference. They all read like fiction to me.


So late at night, when I should be sleeping, my brain that craves answers and logic churns. thfr3g3qhcImage of art by Alex Grey

Making it hard to slip back to 1861 in my novel. Did sketch out the contents for the first two chapters. Of course, am blogging late. Will try to catch up on the posts tomorrow. When maybe all the news, will be good news.

Peace to all and keep smiling. Always found when I smile, I actually feel happier. Think brain scientists have now proved it to be true.






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