Busy working out some details for my next Civil War Wives story, now that the first is due to be released in a day.

Always start with images. Know my girl will be one of the thousands of Irish immigrants running from poverty to opportunity in America. It opens in 1861, the year the war begins and unfortunately she meets her true love on the boat from Ireland. Brendan Conner is more than a charmer and has already plotted his destiny upon landing, but he can’t resist sweet Erin Quinn and doesn’t see any reason he should.

Almost as soon as they arrive, he is swept away in the fever of the emerging war and joins old friends to enlist in the Union cause under the charismatic Thomas Meagher. He is excited to be part of the fighting Irish of the 69th. She of course is terrified. Although her sister has sent the ticket and she promised to join her in the linen mills to work and repay her, her heart is breaking that he will be thrown in harms way so soon. Unwilling to be separated, she comes up with a daring plan to enlist too.

My great niece sent me an article last year about the many women who fought disguised as men during the war and I have been excited to write a story about one ever since.

Sorry about not posting a blog yesterday, will try for two tomorrow.



So I sit, spinning stories in my head. Gathering more silk for my web by  busily researching history, which I love to read and study. There are diaries and accounts that document people’s lives, both the immigrants, and those who fought in the war. It is easy to get lost in the beauty and horror of imagining the circumstances of their lives. War is a tragic world in which so many young flowers bloomed only to die on blood soaked fields for causes that most little understood or truly believed in.

Not sure when I’ll ever get into the writing but need to start soon or I’ll never be done. Wish reading and noodling wasn’t always the fun part. Names, places, dates will change, but some scenes or elements are already vivid in my mind and probably won’t change. Others I won’t know about until I write the story. Exciting, fun part of writing is when all I’ve planned starts to change as the characters come to life and take over the book.abrahams

Found another useful article or checklist, this by Erik Bork, an outstanding Emmy winning screenwriter for HBO.



7 thoughts on “WORKING OUT MY STORY”

  1. Good luck getting started, Janet! When I’m researching, it seems like I should be writing instead of reading. When I am writing, I think, “I need to read more about this. I don’t quite understand.”

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    1. Marsha, I know. I allow myself to read nonfiction when I’m writing, binge on reading novels in between books. Seems like other people’s voices get into my head and I don’t want to accidentally copy something from that story.

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      1. I don’t know, Janet. I am not a writing teacher but I read where they do have students starts with other people’s words sometimes. Or another author’s words find their way into dialogues or descriptions sometimes. I’m sure you would quote them if you use word for word. I don’t know how you couldn’t be influenced sometimes. 🙂 Isn’t it amazing how words can string together in so many different ways? 🙂

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  2. Nawaring,
    Thanks for writing back so quickly. Know what you mean, it has been about the same since I retired. Not sure I could write out a perfect geometry proof, or solve a complex physics word problem correctly, used to feel like breathing. It’s certainly nice not to have to anymore. Hope you’re loving retirement too.


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