Need to relax and feel at peace in order to create. Whenever I take a minute to read emails, Twitter, and Facebook these days, my calm disappears. Breathing deeply, looking at these soothing images, I hunt for my state of feeling calm, peaceful, and untroubled.

It seems to remain just out of reach. Another cold front moves in tomorrow, promise of even colder weather by Sunday with a chance for snow Sunday night. When I taught school, there was nothing more exciting to me than the chance of snow in the forecast. Cold and soft like a blanket to wrap our world for a minute in comfortable peace.

But now that I’m retired, it isn’t the same. No waking early, drinking hot chocolate while listening to the snow bird report of area school closings – hoping mine made the list so I could play hooky. If school were closed, I would have an entire day to work on anything I wanted, usually some story or book I was writing. If not, an added day for reading.


I grew up poor without ever knowing it. One of five children with loving parents, I always felt blessed with a rich life. We farmed and usually had plenty to eat. Both my parents worked, had since they were little more than children. We were all healthy and were beholding to no one, something very important to both my parents. Momma always told us, “If you want only what you have, you’ll always be happy.” Of course the Buddhist monk’s quote is a little more eloquent, but I think it’s saying the same thing.


This election has been the most divisive and stressful I can remember. Saw on television tonight, people are still protesting. Rather confusing. Thought they recounted votes because the Democrats thought there was cheating, now it’s the President wanting to check the election results in some states for the same reason and everyone is going nuts again. Not sure whether Clint sees it the right way, or old Will, but I really  want the hatred to stop and sanity to return.


Decided to follow a little good advice. Will avoid the news and Twitter until I get this new novel underway. Put the last changes in today on the old, had to post by noon, then sure enough got a few more changes in my email. Will have to wait until after it’s live on Amazon on the 30th to slide the last three corrections in. Could have been worse. Of course, other readers have the book and may send me more. Reminding myself I will be glad to have a little something more to do on it.

Listen to a lot of webinars and read about how to brand yourself as an author and develop a following, etc. Suspect I never will, since my mind flits to so many places and I keep writing odd books. Have decided to leave those wild hairs hiding in the computer. But today I felt inspired by this image and wrote myself a little book. Actually made me feel happy. All that I was looking for in the first place. If the beauty and sweetness of that  innocent face can’t bring a sense of hope and serenity, nothing can. Happy writing.





2 thoughts on “SEEKING SERENITY”

  1. In my year’s teaching, we used to laugh that we had a 30-30-30 rule. School would be called when it was 30 below zero, we had 30 inches of snow on the ground, and the wind was blowing 30 miles an hour. But, that is life in Wyoming.


    1. Thank goodness I taught in Tennessee. A snow gust with temperatures in the 20’s and everyone got out early. I’m nowhere near hardy enough for Wyoming. Thanks for sharing.


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