Tonight we have company. Trying to be sociable, but dying to finish the new updates received back from two Beta readers. No matter how hard I try, there are always little errors that I’ve missed. Love having friends and readers who will help me spot and correct these. Does that mean the book is now perfect? Well, for tonight it is.

Love the satisfaction of having a list and crossing off today’s objectives. Of course there is still the email to deal with, from last week’s list. Now over 1100 and something. Would be funny, if I hadn’t been deleting two or three hundred a day the last couple of days. So tempting to just dump into the round can and look at a clean window. For now, will resist that temptation.

My list includes, start the next book.

Just taking a breather for now, tomorrow looks like a better day to begin something new. It isn’t as though I’m taking a day away from writing every day. I’ve been pretty good about keeping ‘My 500 words’ a day pledge. Even the day I missed blogging, I was writing and formatting, working on this current novel. And I did double up the next day. The one thing I’ve not done is to submit the blog before midnight. So even though I’m writing today, it is so late, that I will be posting tomorrow. Glad the month ends soon. Wish it were about a week longer though, so I could get caught up.


Have a friend, Eric Beaty, in my local writer’s group who has written a nice book on scheduling, setting goals and managing tasks. It’s full of wonderful material on how to actually do that. He’s also taught the group a couple of sessions on mind-mapping and two of the writers last meeting had put his advice into action and mind-mapped their next novels. Another reason to cultivate friends who share your interests but who are smarter than you.



As Scarlett and I like to say, I’ll have another chance at this, tomorrow. Like this series of quotes, I know they are about art, but all seem to apply to writing as well, or making music, sculpture, anything creative.


I’ve written before about the New Renaissance in Art and creativity. With Amazon, Etsy, Pinterest, and this article names fifteen more, it is possible to earn money by being creative.

Two different writers this week asked me about publishers. There are the Big Five Publishers in the U.S. now: Hachette, Harper Collins, MacMillian, Penquin Random House, Simon & Schuster. Last year there were six, but Penquin and Random House merged.

If you look at the world, there are 56 Big Publishers in the latest article I found. Of course there are thousands of small publishers ready to help you publish a book.

If you are looking to publish an ebook, according to Dione Shaw, there are three major publishing sites. Quoting his/her answer from the forum Quora.

Amazon/Kindle is the biggest name in the eBook market.  Authors can easily self-publish their eBooks on Amazon’s website.  It is also possible to create a cover using Amazon’s tools.

Smashwords (dot) com is another major eBook publishing website.   Smash words distributes to iBooks (Apple), Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Overdrive, Scribd, and more.  Instructions for self-publishing on Smashwords are here: A Guide to eBook Publishing on Smashwords

Smashwords does not have a cover generator similar to Amazon. Individuals will need to create their own covers and abide by Smashwords rules.

Google is a third platform to sell your eBooks on, but it does not have a self-publishing option. Google books/play accepts PDF, .epub, and .doc documents for sale on their website.  Google does not require a cover for publication, but it is recommended to submit a cover.”

Lot of opportunity out there. I’m still only publishing on Amazon, because I am a slow learner and it is all that I can manage now.

Good luck to you and add something on your creative list for tomorrow.








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