Only have a couple of more days to make any last minute changes, since I posted Fires Down the Shenandoah on Preorder. Luckily, have already received feedback from two readers and will be making changes tonight and tomorrow.

Books are never really finished. All of this will be worth it, if someone buys the book and can get lost in the story long enough to block out some of the insanity of the real world for a little while.


Would have finished already, if I hadn’t gotten caught up in watching football today. Both games were wonderful, but could spot the winner at the end of the first quarter in both.

As my Dad would say, I didn’t have a dog left in the fight. I’m sure the Super Bowl will be an awesome game with the Falcons facing the Patriots. Good luck to both and may the better team win.

Not sure why I still love football. Peyton retired, and I really only cheer for our local team now, the Titans, to keep myself engaged in watching. But it is a virile sport, and one never knows what the final outcome will be. It’s also exciting, when you finally pick a team to cheer for. With anything athletic, which I am not, it is just mesmerizing to see what a chiseled, fit, talented, well trained body can do. Some of the passes and catches are breathtaking. Love the game.


Wrote about the phenomenal Harriet Beecher Stowe the other day. Here is another awesome one.

Missed an episode of Victoria, on PBS. They made the mistake of scheduling it opposite the football game. Looks like a wonderful new series. Maybe as fun to watch as Downton Abbey, although that program will be hard to beat. The most remarkable facet of that series, even outshining the acting, is the phenomenal writing. It is incredible to me that one man, Julian Fellowes, wrote every word of the entire series.  Almost everything on television is written by a committee of writers. Also like the fact that in the 1970s, he wrote romantic novels under the pseudonym of Rebecca Greville. May have to binge watch all of Downton Abbey sometime, think it’s free with my Amazon Prime. More about him here, Julian Fellowes .


Part of the Ultimate blog challenge is to write and share more about yourself. By now, you probably know what a boring person I am. I’m interested in learning and observing the world around me. Always trying to make sense of it, to understand the motives of others, and the value of what I see others doing. Here are a few things I found inspiring today when looking for a single quote to include.

The first quote pretty much summarizes why I write rather compulsively these days. Being retired is one of my favorite phases of life. Writing makes me feel productive and happy. Wish all people who see work as a punishment or curse could do enough of it to realize what joy and satisfaction it can bring at the end of the day. When I goof off, I always feel I’ve wasted a perfectly wonderful day. The second is also very true. I write to try to understand life.




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