Late writing, not sure if this is yesterday’s 500 words or today’s. Had to weigh what I wanted to say, but today’s March was very upsetting.

Looking back, I’m not sure why, there were lots of causes and demonstrations on campus when I was in college, always turned out to support or stare, depending on the cause.

Late 60’s This one I never participated in, really had no underwear to spare.

Sixties were the decade of free love, birth control pills, and anti-war sentiments. My father fought in WWII, my brother and many of my friends volunteered to fight in Vietnam. But when the draft came, some of the college boys burned their draft cards and some girls burned their bras. Never protested the war. Jane Fonda, named woman of the Century by Obama recently, was known as ‘Hanoi Jane’ to the people I knew, and considered a traitor.

Did have and wear several mini dresses, go braless a few times, but mainly wore jeans and sneakers. Well, I thought I was daring. Never believed in free love, pot, or any of the hippie things.

70’s. Didn’t happen until after I graduated and I didn’t agree with most of the extreme feminist. Did complain a lot about this at the time, since I’ve never felt or been mistreated because I’m a woman. Had a hard time relating to Betty Freidan, Gloria Steinem and the ERA movement but definitely echoed their demands for equal pay for equal work.

At the time, fresh out of college with my B.S. in Geology, I really wanted to work. My new husband had a job as an exploration geologist. Remember fuming for months because the company had a nepotism policy that didn’t allow hiring of family members. Since he was in exploration, I couldn’t work for a competing firm either. Did get to do consulting work, but not enough.


Women marching in the 1870’s for the right to vote. Kept marching until won the right in 1919 and allowed to vote in 1920. Would have lined up with these women and marched. Think they were very brave and deserve credit. I’ve voted every election since I turned 21 and had the right. God bless them everyone for that gift.


Started in early 1800’s and took almost a hundred years for the Temperance movement to finally change the law. Prohibition passed in 1917. Since I’m a teetotaler anyway, not a cause I care about. But love this later women’s march in the 1930’s. Women have a right to change their minds.



One thing about all the earlier marches, the women were united and espoused clear causes. Today, the large marches seemed so full of hate, ugly messages, profanity and disturbing images, just saw a swell of political protest. It seems an extension of the left agenda that we see daily on the media to win by lies, insults, and bullying. Maybe if the spokesperson wasn’t Madonna with all the F words and hate messages, even claiming to want to blow up the white house, their positive goals would have been clearer.

Only photo I found without political messages, but just a feminist cause, was this of young protestors.

WASHINGTON, DC. – JAN. 21: Organizers put the Women’s March on Washington in Washington D.C. on Saturday Jan. 21, 2017. (Photo by Damon Dahlen, Huffington Post) *** Local Caption ***

Have to say I love this image. Positive messages, home-made, not mass printed No! Trump-Pence jargon. I agree, it is great to be a woman in this age of freedom and feminism. Feel safe, valued, and equal – as I have all my life – as an American woman. Think women, as well as men, have the right to feel this way.






2 thoughts on “WOMEN MARCHING”

  1. Well said. I agree that the protesters message was muddled and unclear. At this point, we have the rights and the ability to be equal…so let’s get to the business of acting that way. I think there is no better tribute to the suffragettes and other worthy protestors who went before us than to move forward capably and confidently.


    1. Thanks. I mean I know we have a wild hair we’ve just elected, but I’d love to give him a chance to fix some of the misery that so many are experiencing. The news is so full of horror, so many killed, here, there, everywhere. We are on the verge of the largest clean water crisis in the world – and the sewer drains and water lines in every major city are ready to fail. We need to rebuild the basic structures that sustain a civilized culture. Something we’ve been promised and promised, and nothing has been done. Let’s get over the hate, the mammoth do-nothing government, and see if he can do it. Think everyone’s frustration with government is the only reason people voted for the outsider.
      Demonstrate for positive changes, always for this. Just to scream obscenities and hate and silly nonsense, I just don’t get it.


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