trumpmelanianew_20170120_185736Not feeling too pressured. Watched the inauguration of the new President, Donald J. Trump. Only watched the ceremony, no stomach for all the negativity of the twenty-four-hour news hacks. Struck by how gracious Hillary and Donald were to each other. How brave and beautiful Hillary looked doing what few could ever have done. How dignified our former Presidents and wives looked. How beautiful the Trump family looked. You’d think at least one would be stuck with Dad’s looks.

The swearing in was over so quickly, I missed it getting a glass of tea. Watched it on the Internet, then listened to the speech again. It was an emphatic speech, full of promise, threat, and hope. I’m going to pin my thoughts on all the hope.

Favorite parts were the line about the transfer of power from Washington and giving it back to the American People. Appreciate the poetry of the image of “rusted-out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape of our nation.” Whoever helped polish the speech did a great job. Appreciate its terse, sharp, brevity.

Personally, I want everyone to pull together and rebuild the infrastructure. Tired of Interstate’s under construction for pothole repair and bridge replacement. It’s a crime in a nation like ours that children are drinking lead in their water and ducking bullets to walk to school. I’m still haunted by newspaper images of people being collected like garbage after massive heroin overdoses in our cities last year. So much that we need to fix, including the hovering weight of the massive debt on our nations’ future, the startling difference between the unemployment statistics and the employed numbers – hard to trust statistics the last few years.

Glad that he mentioned the new technologies of tomorrow  and how America needs to unlock the mysteries of space. I was heart-broken when we gave up our rocket program and started begging rides with other countries. As a science teacher, I felt this was just a terrible tragedy for us as a nation. Of course, Trump probably won’t continue funding climate research. Probably a mistake.

We need the people and the government to come together to get the job done. Believe Trump really wants to get it done. Not sure how realistic all of it is. The wall, 25 million new jobs, wiping out radical Islamic terrorism. Of course, a cult that beheads Buddhists, Christians, other Muslims, and Jews, needs to be erased. Hope he can. Uncounted men, women, and children have been murdered in Africa and the middle East by this fanatical cult and the world has expressed tolerance that now threatens all of Europe, too. Obama’s policies in the middle East have destabilized that region for decades, led to death and destruction for hundreds of thousands.

America is so divided by lies, continually being whipped up by the press to keep people listening each night to the next most outrageous insult or charge. Disgraceful that some of our congressmen spat on Democracy today by not even attending.

It will be a hard job for the new POTUS.

Last promise he made read like a prayer from him to us.

Your voice, your hopes, and your dreams, will define our American destiny. And your courage and goodness and love will forever guide us along the way.

I’m a skeptic, withholding judgement and criticism, and breathlessly hoping.  Am praying hard.

Prayers for the new President and for our nation.



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