Uploaded Fires Down the Shenandoah, Joanna of Virginia, ( Now waiting and praying I get feedback and corrections into Amazon while it is on preorder. Would love to have a dozen reviews show up the day it goes on sale. Need a boost.

Written and heard back from four or five readers, need more. If you are interested, just email me at I will send a copy to read and review.




Now trying to go through the 1024 emails that have accumulated while I’ve been editing and fiddling with things. Makes me sigh in despair. Got through the 73 on one address, now for the monster. I confess I have an accumulator gene. Someone says learn all the secrets, get my free book or webinar here, and I click. And they say they don’t, but they share your address with their friends, or like some of the worse, they send you three, four, or five updates in one day. Also, I get notices when someone looks at this website, or retweets me, or pins something from Pinterest. Someday hope to figure out how to eliminate all notices. Hoping that will be a third of the emails. But what if they are from friends, family, or more importantly, from a dear fan.

Believe me, every fan is dear and loved.

So I can’t dump it. I sit here after a hundred opened, most discarded, trudging on. Distracted by every newsletter from an author or favorite website, or webinar replay. About to give up, go eat supper and watch Wheel, then come back. Surely if I try harder I can read them all today, or tomorrow.

Guess the world is lucky I still haven’t mastered Mailchimp.


Clear day. Haven’t started the next book, just a little noodling about it so far. Trying to help other writers and meet up with friends. Attended Fox group yesterday. Afraid our circus anthology may die now the circuses have ended. Looking forward to CCWA tomorrow and helping one of the members with her cover and illustrations. Reading in a circle critique group online and caught up on that. Finally posted reviews for friend’s books that I read around Christmas. Time for this!



I love other writers and artists. Some are as insecure or crazy as me. Most are great and have helped and inspired me. Would never have dared to write a word without Leola Archer’s encouragement or faith in my talent. The creative world has an occasional jealous or mean person, but they are rare. How can you compete when all your efforts are so different? Probably why it is a large, supportive, and kind community.

Raised on the golden rule, but several of these look just as good. Try to pass it on.



Working on being more positive this year. Hard to find a more elderly person these days and my colleague/husband brings me tea and never asks for coffee. Not sure I will ever make the list for being good. Too snarky, and opinionated for that.


Sorry to keep rambling, but 500 words is a tough goal.






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