I’ve never believed in swearing, dagnabit, wish I did. Used to remind students not to swear, because it cripples your vocabulary. The average person only uses four or five bad words, the proficient like my husband, maybe a dozen unique ones. They become a crutch instead of thinking for the right word or a better way to express your thoughts. Children whose parents swear, enter school with a massive vocabulary deficit and most never catch up with their peers.

Trying to finish this book has nearly finished me. I have a couple of dozen things up on Amazon, more if you count stories in anthologies. I’ve been doing this three years now, so you’d think I would get better and it would be easier each time. Well, it’s been this kind of a week.

Wrote the first half of the book during November’s Nanowrimo challenge, then finished it before Christmas. Since then, I’ve discarded the second half and rewritten the book again. After rewriting and editing, and procrastinating another two weeks, I’m finally ready to surrender it to a reader or two. So this weekend, I started formatting for the two versions, a Kindle ebook and a Create Space paperback.


I love my computer. It makes writing so much faster and easier than by hand and typewriter, like the old days. On the other hand, when it doesn’t do what I want, I really want to scream. I am the least technically competent person I know. I talked nice to it, turned it off to rest, came back and tried again. Still had lots of difficulty formatting.

The only thing different from the mystery novel I posted back in November, is I now have the free version of Grammarly on my desktop. I really like it, although it makes the opposite changes sometimes that Paperrater makes to the same sentence, there’s no copy and pasting to check anything. Because the advice is different, I always stop and look up the rule or flip a coin before accepting suggestions, but it does let me move faster.

I don’t think it and Word play well together at all. Yesterday as I added headers for the paperback version, the program would not number correctly. Ended up having to reset page numbering for each and every chapter. Wish there weren’t forty of them. Someday I may write a book that is all one chapter. Or else try one that is only one hundred pages long.

Have set up both versions today on Amazon. Never viewed myself as a perfectionist, but the more I write, the more I worry about getting everything right. Good thing I guess, but it makes me slower.

I’m not fool enough to think I’m through. After I hear from Amazon and their preview, I’ll probably have to make another version of the cover, or change several things to meet their approval, but I am on the way to being done.


The worst part was I broke my blogging chain. Set the goal of posting my blog everyday. Now I’m one day behind. Will try to double-up tomorrow to get back on schedule. It’s not the number of posts this month, but the everyday thing I was trying to master.  Apologies in case anyone has been reading them and suffered disappointment. (I know, that was a joke.)


2 thoughts on “FRUSTRATION”

  1. You’ve done well to even have a blogging chain! Mine is very patchy, I’m aiming for an article a week. The 500 words things definitely helps keep momentum going.


    1. Sef,
      Thanks for the encouragement. Missed another one, Friday I think, so need to write a couple today. So hard to do, and I’m never sure why, but it is a challenge so will press on. Good luck with your writing too.
      p.s. backlogged about a 1000 emails, so just saw the comment tonight. Sorry to seem unresponsive. Right, brain dead, I guess.


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