Love holidays. My husband and I were recalling valentine’s day the other day. Looking at all the cards that were fancy and pricey, and remembering the little one’s you punched out and sent to your classmates. Most were silly or funny, with little skunks with red bows offering kisses, or boys holding a box of candy behind one hand and a frog in the other. Well, maybe I don’t remember either.

But all the holidays were always celebrated at school, with a week before making signs and decorations or drawing a picture on the chalk-board. Had a school party and treats. Everything revolved around what we would do on that day to celebrate.  Hope they still do the Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, etc. party things. Some of you teachers tell me it’s so. Hope they don’t celebrate all the holidays by getting out of school.



Adopting the tactics of nonviolent protest, this charismatic man led to tremendous social change in the Civil Rights Movement, just as Mahatma Gandhi created change for India with nonviolent civil disobedience. He definitely deserves to be remembered and honored. Not seeing that in all his followers this week and it’s a shame. Wonderful to credit love, respect, and kindness to bringing positive changes for all.


Ready to post book on Amazon, I thought, then last night I started thinking about a couple of sections, so rewrote those today. Also rewrote my back copy. Here is what I have now.


Rewrote copy, yet again and playing with another title. Would love some feedback.


I’m considering giving up television completely. We got our first set when I was five. I can remember all of kids sitting there watching that test-pattern with the Indian head, waiting for there to be television. Pinky Lee, then later Soupy Sales. I mean bad television, but it was so exciting to be able to turn it on and watch. Weekends there were old westerns, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, or sometimes Hop Along Cassidy. If it was a drama, Mom would yell turn it off and rest the tubes. If they got over-heated, we’d be sorry. At night, we always watched the news, the man with the watch that kept on ticking, Edward R. Murrow. Then some kind of variety show, Ted Mack’s Amateur Hour or Milton Berle, or Jack Benny. About an hour in the morning, the same at night.

I miss watching television, have always loved movies, and reading magazines. But this relentless torrent of hate just seems to color everything, even Facebook and Twitter.

Thought when the election was over, some of the unrelenting hate speech would stop. But I’ve never in my life seen so much bullying and name calling. Whether you voted for him or not, this media assault is unprecedented. Praying for new President, our nation, and all of you.  Let us follow MLK’s example and come together peacefully. God bless, and good night.



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