Finished my last edits on my book, today working on the back book copy. Have decided to put the book up for preorders while I wait on reports back from early readers with any last minute changes. Expect these last edits to take another couple of days to make after I hear from them.

The blurb on the back is a short 100 to 200 word piece that is the second most important part of selling the book. Of course, the cover is the most important part. Some authors list four things a blurb must do, others up to seven.  It has to accomplish at least these three things about the book.

1.Make clear the genre and central theme

2.Introduce your main character (s) and their goal(s)

3.Create intrigue and establish the main conflict or obstacle to that goal

I think you also need to reveal the setting and mood of your novel.

The blurb is a more detailed version of your logline, which is a single sentence summary of the story. Although these are used to write a logline for a script, I always find the Save the Cat short version helpful.

Here are the genre logline templates (with the three elements for each genre in italics):


Monster in the House: Monster, House, Sin
A culpable hero is forced to save a trapped group of people from being killed by a monster he inadvertently unleashed.

Golden Fleece: Road, Team, Prize
A driven hero must lead a group of allies to retrieve a prized possession through a perilous journey that wasn’t what the hero expected.

Out of the Bottle: Wish, Spell, Lesson
A covetous hero must learn to undo a spell he wished for before it turns into a curse he can’t undo.

Dude With A Problem: Innocent Hero, Sudden Event, Life or Death
An unwitting hero must survive at all costs when he is dragged into a life or death situation he never saw coming and cannot escape.

Rites of Passage: Life Problem, Wrong Way, Acceptance
A troubled hero’s only way to overcome a spiraling life crisis is to defeat his worst enemy – himself.

Buddy Love: Incomplete Hero, Counterpart, Complication
An inadequate hero must rise above an extremely difficult situation to be with a uniquely unlikely partner who is the only one capable of bringing him peace.

Whydunit: Detective, Secret, Dark Turn
A single-minded hero must find the truth to a mystery so intriguing before he is swallowed by the darkness he desperately seeks to expose.

Fool Triumphant: Fool, Establishment, Transmutation
An innocent hero’s only way to defeat the prejudices of a group is to change himself without losing what made him the group’s target of disdain in the first place – his uniqueness.

Institutionalized: Group, Choice, Sacrifice
An outsider’s only way to save his individuality is by going against the many who wish to integrate him into their fold.

Superhero: Special Power, Nemesis, Curse
A uniquely special hero must defeat an opponent with stronger capabilities by using the same powers that disconnect him from the people he hopes to save.

Here is a nice summary from one of the tips on my Pinterest board.


Here are a couple of links to more detailed explanations of how to write back blurbs. Of course Joanna Penn is the best.

Marilyn offers a lot of specific advice depending on your genre.


This is what I have on my cover tonight. Keep rewriting it and will probably change several times before I publish. Running later on my blog because of it. Hope some of this is helpful.










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