Sometimes I listen to music, but when I’m editing, I prefer to listen to the endless webinars and podcasts that land in my mailbox these days. Signed up for one to learn from three years ago. (I know no one shares or sells your email, but I sure get a lot of them these days.) All are spellbinders and keep me from falling asleep as I do this nitpicking work. Starting to hear ones though that seem like retreads from that first year. Not sure, it may be that they all just sound alike. Always make you want them, then have a count-down, several have-to-have bonuses, and the stinger that keeps me from buying – only  ______ dollars.

Listening to a Mike Koenigs, who’s ‘writing a best-selling book’ sounds so easy and doable. Unfortunately, all the examples were nonfiction. This one is only $797, and that’s a thousand dollars off.



It helps as I run through Grammarly on my recent novel, correcting errors as I go. Since Joanna, of Virginia  is set during the Civil War, some of the terms and expressions are getting flagged. Have to carefully weigh the suggestions it keeps making.

One of the things I hate most about making corrections is the issue of commas. Where do they go? Why do some editors tell you to put them in before every conjunction, and this one is indicating I should take them out before but, or although, or, some other word. Looks like I need them when there’s a verb in the clause, omit when there’s not.

I’ve always believed in using one when the character pauses for a breath, but some of these experts tend to disagree. I’ve generously scattered them where I think they go, but now it is becoming tedious evaluating each suggestion before making a change or leaving it.


I’m enjoying this ‘My 500-word’ challenge because Jeff Goins urges us to write without considering grammar, kind of the free-flow of a Nanowrimo sprint. Not sure if posting them as a blog is the intended consequence, but I have limited time and patience and if I’ve written something, I now believe in sharing it.

Posting late again, because I was so intent on catching the next error, it was after midnight when I checked the time. Don’t want to break my string of continuous posts, though.


I’m not sure of the title for this first book in the series, but this is what I’m going with for now. If you have suggestions, please offer them. There was a long series of mail-order brides last year that used their first name and state. I’m hoping this will be a longer series than my earlier ones.

Have a request from one of my local fans to finish the Mountain Wives series by writing Cicely’s story. Have to squeeze it in sometime this year.

Anyway, here is the current cover. Still working on the blurb. Will try to share it with you tomorrow and some tips for writing back of cover sales copy.



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