Still editing, so will just write the post I had intended for yesterday, Friday the 13th.

Bad weather threatening too many areas of the country right now. World seems pretty agitated and growing more so all the time. Hard to find a calm, tranquil moment with all the negative news feeds everyday. Trying to work on a little emotional calm but just remain unsettled all the time. Usually winter is a dormant, kind of calm season. Even a lot of the animals hibernate, though their sleep cycles may have been altered by the fluctuating weather patterns.

So feeling frightened, it might be well to look at a list of superstitions from around the world. Just in case, there is any truth to any of them.



My mother claimed she wasn’t either, but nearly every time she was outside hanging clothes, she would stop to look for a four-leaf clover. She was always lucky and would find one or more, also won at bingo a lot, and in drawings. She never wanted us to open an umbrella in the house. So, I suspect she was.

Many people are and always like sharing superstitions though. Like bad luck from a black cat. We had two cats we were told were witches cats because they had thirteen toes on their front paws and were black. One lived to be twenty-three, the other twenty-four, although they were always outside. Don’t know what the extra toes on their hind paws meant, but they were awfully sweet cats. Never saw them do anything mean to anyone but scores of mice and birds.

Walking under a ladder makes sense, dangerous anyway.

Telling people breaking a mirror brings bad luck makes sense too. It keeps them from breaking something that used to be very precious and hard to get.


Superstitions about weather signs also make sense since there weren’t twenty-four hour weather reports where every shower or storm had warning banners on the screen. Ice Storm Jupiter, for example, does sound more ominous than chance of ice and snow in the forecast.



All right, who doesn’t believe in crossing your fingers, a lucky rabbit’s foot, and hanging a horseshoe over the barn door. But some of these I hadn’t heard of sound worth trying. Who hasn’t had company arrive or a salesman at the door that you want to shoo away. Wish I had known an upside down broom would get rid of them.

These last two I never heard of before. Have a lot of nights where it is hard to fall asleep, usually because a story is running through my head. Kind of cool to think of those restless nights as being allowed to walk in someone else’s dream. Stories seem like dreams to me anyway.

I’ve heard of wishing upon a star, but will be looking for a rock with a white line around it now to wish upon. Wouldn’t have to wait on a clear night to make your wish that way.

If you have some favorite superstitions, please share.




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