There once was a time when I felt I fell nearer the top than the bottom of this Bell chart. Three college degrees later, I have to wonder. Yesterday my goal was to send out my first email newsletter using MailChimp. (A free site, but still friendly with lots of informative little sections explaining every step.)  It seems either I can’t upload an email capture on a free WordPress site, (seeing a common link here), or I have figured every way in the world to do it wrong.  Had a nice page with opt-in and a sign-in form on it, but nothing clicked to anywhere. I’m going to post  Url link in here and we’ll see if it works.

Perhaps if I were a kid, like all the wealthy entrepreneurs on YouTube who are millionaire, best-selling authors by age twelve, I could figure out more of this easy stuff. Instead I’m closer to this lovely lady. Will keep working at it.


Nothing stellar to report on the new book. Distracted with this little computer project so still need to finish a third edit on the latest book. Wish I could say I’m writing on the next one while I finish the last, but other than these silly blog posts, I haven’t done any writing the last two days.

About two-thirds of the way on the jigsaw puzzle. Swam sixteen laps this morning and read a book on the 5:2 diet. At least, I’m trying to make good on some of my resolutions. Tried the diet last year for two or three months. Lost ten pounds the first month and then stayed the same, even though I stayed on the program. Figure reading what I’m supposed to do might help, rather than fasting two days, and eating normal five. Secret, according to the books author, Gina Crawford, is to widely space the days.  She suggests Monday and Thursdays. Eat 500 calories (women), 600 calories (men) in only two meals – one at 7:30 a.m., the other at 7:30 p.m.. Tried today. Twelve hours between little meals is a stretch. We’ll see. Book was free on Amazon the other day.

Think maybe it’s the weather. We froze last week, then yesterday the wind began to blow, still cold, but today it feels like a nice spring breeze. I worry the trees and bushes will be as confused by it as my arthritis. Hope they don’t start to bud and grow too early. We had that three or four years ago, and all the leaves turned black with a sudden cold snap. Hard summer, with nuts that fall the size of pea gravel. At least it thinned out the squirrels.

Will be writing a batch of emails, the regular way, to try to find my Beta readers for the latest book. Conquering the ‘build a list monster’ will have to wait another day, or maybe another year. At least I won’t be using white-out to correct any errors. My bottle of correction fluid dried up long ago.




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