On the top of my list of to do’s, every year for the last three years, has been to create an email list. Every few days I will make the mistake of listening to a webinar (you know, for $99 a month I will tell you all the secrets to being successful at writing), and they always say, make an email list.

So, I haven’t been able to figure out how to add a click on thing on my WordPress site. Honestly, I just come and visit because of the blog challenges. I’m rather addicted to challenges.

I did figure out the add comment thing, but if it takes your email, it’s like Amazon, and keeps it secret from me.



I go on Facebook four or five times a week – just to keep up with the many lists I’ve joined. I think it must know who follows my list and have your email, but again, it is secret from me. Apparently, according to all the experts, if you want to make any money from writing, you must build an email list.

Tonight or tomorrow, the few chosen ones, people who’ve written and given me their email, hopefully, will receive my first Mailchimp email. Wave flags or dance or something, because you are special. I hope to have the new book edited by Friday, and would love some Beta readers to reassure me it is ready to publish. I feel blessed to have a handful of real, actual fans. People who have written to share how much they’ve loved a book (s). Most post reviews as well. (I am still shocked to write that word, ‘fan.’)

I’ve not wanted to abuse anyone’s trust and annoy them with a lot of emails. I get so many, and believe me, it can be annoying. But, now that I’ve slowed down and there’s just a new book every three or four months, it will not be often, or very long, when I write, “have a new baby, please take a look.”

Hopefully, I can figure out how to add a box to unsubscribe, so if you don’t want to ever hear from me again, you’ll have the option.

I know it is pathetic, but this is the part of writing that scares me the most. Selling the books. I like it, love it when I sell one. But it’s hard to say “look at the pretty book, buy the pretty book, you must have the pretty book.” (I was channeling Svengali as I wrote that, you know, you are under my spell, do as I say, to hypnotize you.)



I’ve made lists before. Used to do a newsletter every month, for over twenty-five years, for the writers’ group. I mean, I’ve been writing about the Civil War, and every one of these handsome men were on a list or roster. I kept one for every class I ever taught. I’ve written lots of letters before, and many pages of other things as well. (I can do this, surely I can do this, I will get this done.)

So if any of these emails that I scribbled down in various notebooks, have been entered correctly, you may hear from me. Smile, and know that I just want to be a successful writer when I grow up, and I love you.


2 thoughts on “SETTING UP AN EMAIL LIST”

  1. Hi, Janet. It will be next to impossible to have an optin form on a site. The functionality of is limited. I found this on the MailChimp site and it holds true for all autoresponders:

    All you can do in is add a link to your form, which will take your visitors away from your blog.

    I’ve got a lot of experience with building your list and I’d be more than happy to give you a hand. I’ll be away all day tomorrow, but Friday would work for me. I’m in the Ultimate Blog Challenge group too, so you can add me on Facebook if you’d like.


    1. Thanks for confirming what I finally figured out. Just hate to pay a little for this and a little for that. Seldom have anyone drop by my site although I’m sharing on facebook and twitter. Just new years fever to do better this time around, and the email list I’ve avoided. I delete the ones folks send me – just too much email, too many books these days. If there were glory days, I’m afraid they have been buried in the


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