Worrying about all the hate and mud still being slung, post-election, made me sulk most of the day away. I prefer to be optimistic and happy, get a lot more work done that way.





I write mainly historical romance. An idyllic time unless you research history. No indoor plumbing, hand-washing clothes in all kinds of weather, cooking on wood-burning stoves or over campfires, no air-conditioning or central heat. Travel anywhere usually took up the whole day – just to buy groceries or visit the neighbor, and crossing the country could take months. They had very few books, which would have made me very unhappy. Most people made most or all of their own clothes, raised or hunted their own meat, grew and preserved their own vegetables and fruit, and died of something, usually before they were forty, including the common cold.

Today planned to research the coming changes to the economy and society. Instead will just list the most interesting of these and let you take a look.


Most of the predictions sound unbelievable, but I believe most will happen. I mean my husband and I only have a cell phone, no land line, and own a smart television, which if I ever figure out how to get Jeopardy and Wheel, I can cut out cable. Our last car is already smarter than us, reminds us to put it in park and take the key, gives directions and instant maps of where we’re going, and lets us talk to people through the steering wheel. Came as we’re actually starting to need constant reminders, the dryer playing music when its time to fold, the microwave and oven beeping when they finish cooking. I like most of this stuff some of the time.



Almost every article talked about the Internet of Things. We will all be connected to information and each other all the time. More smart machines, houses, and apps so life will become much easier.

We can store one third of all information in the cloud for access anywhere now, in ten years, almost everything. If you stay mad about the biased news coverage and annoying media personalities, be patient. Their days are numbered. We’ll be able to get our news instantly from the source from someone at the scene or disaster with a cell phone.  No need for pompous experts to tell us what is happening. Might lead to more people forming their own opinions – but no one seemed to predict humans would be smarter.

Talking street signs and cars that drive themselves may be arriving just in time. Good for the elderly and the young drivers too busy texting and watching a video to pay attention to where they are going.

Several talked about virtual humans, in the next ten years. Robots to tend to the elderly and small children, and do most of the boring tasks that people call jobs now. Some of these will be robots, others cyborgs (humans with mechanical parts). Not sure this will be that good, since I get annoyed just talking to those make-believe people on the end of the phone line when I need information, but trying to keep an open mind.

Power will no longer be a problem. There are new solar cells that one can just print off and use, costing negligible amounts and supplying power for cities from a few acres of solar panels. Pollution free, unlimited energy is at hand.

Don’t fret the repeal of Obamacare or the new plan to replace it. Soon we will be able to access our DNA report to see what our risk factors are, have a remote visit with the doctor by smart phone, have all the sensors needed to detect any changes in our health, and even order microsurgery by robots to perform most operations for pennies on the dollar. Someone is even saying we’ll be able to create our own replacement organs.

Three-D Printers will be able to print out whatever you want, besides a new kidney. You order it online, then print off your new shoes, clothes, furniture, etc. Oh Judy Jetson, to think I ever laughed about you typing in dinner and poof, it appeared. The scientists are saying yes, affordable and we’ll have it to use within the next ten years.

Luckily, with so much less to do to stay busy, we will have Virtual Reality. We can go on vacation, create our own movies, maybe even have a hot date with our dream man or woman. Never a boring moment.

Don’t worry about going to the bank, the banking systems will be replaced by something called blockchain. Everything automatically taken care of in cyberspace. If the blocks are anything like legos, I’m ready to play.

Here are a few of the links.






If you a doom and gloomer, I only found one article making dire predictions of national bankruptcy, population control, constant wars, civilizations slipping backward, etc.  Everything bad that we have now, except speeded up. Enough said, I see a lot of end times things on Twitter. I’ll let you imagine that for yourselves.







2 thoughts on “10 CHANGES FOR NEXT 10 YEARS”

  1. I know, but at least we didn’t have to worry about them blowing up our pants and pockets. My big worry is the more we are connected to machines, the more trouble we seem to have relating to each other. But some of the things in those article are really cool. Hope we live long enough to see them all and they are good.


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