First week gone, and my goals haven’t changed, but so many of the posts in my Facebook feed were negative tonight, thought it might be a good time to reflect on this past year and wish for a more positive new year. Seems the election has divided America into two warring camps, as evidenced by the speeches in the Golden Globe awards – a ceremony about film, not politics (usually). Fear the leap from the old to the new may be too far for many to cross. Always believed that hate is a two headed worm, devouring the host as much as the one it is pointed at.

One: Wish America could heal and unite as one country. We face a complex world, full of terror, uncertainty, and many, many enemies. Instead of insulting each other and continuing the snide put-downs, we need to join together to offer help and participation in moving everyone forward. Of course, this image of the video game World Conflict shows our children are playing at the alternative already. Is this really what Americans want? Intelligent caring people need to find points of mutual need and agreement instead.


Two: Wish we could have our push-button digital world without the loss of the industrial and commercial world that most of us grew up knowing. Do not see that happening. Time is here to  revamp education with more emphasis on apprenticeships and the jobs that are actually out there. Also need increased value placed on jobs of service, such as teaching, nursing, farming, developing self-sustaining energy, and cultivating biological diversity.

Not sure how wonderful factory life was, but it did enable the average American to have a steady paycheck, nice home, and two week vacation. Perhaps if we can revamp and change the psychology of service jobs, pay more, offer greater prestige for those who do them – we could have  a better social network than the one that has failed so many in our country. I’ve always believed work makes a person happy, having nothing meaningful to do creates a sense of worthlessness that mere words cannot erase.


Three: Wish we were planning more for the future. Rebuilding the infrastructure so children don’t have to drink lead or other poisons with their water, develop new power grids and communication centers so our country is self-reliant, replace our deteriorating interstate system and prepare for the new self-driving cars.

Think according to many religions, not just the Mayans, we are living in end-times. If you are a believer, you know hating others does not lead you to a better place. Although global warming may not be real, climate change is, and with increased volcanic and seismic activity as well as close flying comets – we need to focus on human survival for the next apocalyptic event. We have opposable thumbs and the gift for gab, so hopefully we can find a way for mankind to survive.


These three are really selfish wishes. When people are calling names and sending hate-messages, murdering others because they’ve bought into all the hate rhetoric, even attacking the helpless and weak – it is hard for me to escape to my imaginary world and write in peace.

Please, let us have peace.





    1. You’re sweet Marsha. Truly doesn’t look like it will ever settle down to a normal year. Such a close vote and so much bitterness. But the hanging chads with Bush vs Gore wasn’t nearly as bitter. We’ve had two sub-pars in a row. Don’t see how Trump could be that much worse. Guess we’ll get to see.

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  1. Since all our press seem to be Democrats, he is at the apex of a bully pulpit funnel. Don’t really understand how people can be so mean and negative all the time. Like the elite kids at school just picking on one poor kid until they break him. When he says anything back, then they have something to pound him with a little harder. Sickening to watch.


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