Wish who ever posted this on Pinterest had signed their name, it is so true. Have been on schedule with my writing challenge this month until tonight, and I just got lost in rewriting that last chapter. Now two chapters longer with more to come. Since I’ve already been bad and am posting late, will cheat by adding a few more favorite words of wisdom.

ON WRITING                 7dbaaf70fe2354fdad73d29fd61ca45d

One of the best books on how to write, and what it takes to be a writer, is Stephen King’s, On Writing. Part memoir, part how-to, it is full of quotable gems. If you look for any inspirational quotes on writing, you will find dozens pulled from this sweet little book. To call King a master, is an understatement. If his genre weren’t Horror, he would be one of our literary giants.

Of course, I don’t enjoy editing, wish I felt divine when I’m doing it. But it is a necessary evil and the one thing everyone judges your work by. Like the icing on the cake, if there’s a flaw, every reader sees it and comments. Although younger writers seem far more tolerate. Maybe they have grown up reading self-published authors on their phone or tablet, or more likely, they are used to interpreting brief tweets and symbol strewn text messages. It’s at this point I wish I had been an English major, but luckily, I know several English teachers and occasionally one will read and circle the elusive little demons I miss.

CHASING STORY        ef58903be15b0d72f426c508bb905409

My editing so far, has not been for grammar errors or typos, although I correct those as I read through. No, it has been on that first, difficult level where I’m trying to capture the story in my head and write it down in all its truth and glory.  Love Mary’s poetic description of writing quoted here. Would love to achieve something this wonderful. Not ever sure I have written anything more than silly natterings, but I am trying to follow the characters and discover the true and correct ending for their story. I’ll only be happy when I do. Then I can go after the next level of editing, stomping on all the elusive bugs of bad grammar.

FINISHING                 b2820f91af2a76021e08675efa59e6d8

Thought I would be ten thousand words along in the next book by now, but this novel has required a lot more research, and wool-gathering, to get to the end. Hope to finish all edits and send it off to a few readers by next Friday. That is my goal, to quit piddling and finish this one to move on to another.

It seemed easier to write for a little while, when I first dared to share a book online. If anything, being Indi-published will quickly teach you, is that every book does not really have a reader out there. There are so many people writing and publishing on Amazon, that the competition is fierce. When a story I loved writing, written the best I could do at the time, doesn’t find an audience, I fret about it like a little buck-toothed child that can’t make friends. Wish I could have Walt’s optimism.


Wishing you all happy writing and enjoyable reading.






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