Cancelled our writers meeting tomorrow. Feel guilty, like I’m breaking faith in not holding it as usual. For over thirty-five years now, we’ve met at least twice a month at the local library. But this is an example of what happens when you pretend you live somewhere else. Nashville schools opened, and there were several mishaps as a result, including this bus with children that slid off the road.

Everyone thinks we are idiots. I mean, maybe an inch of snow, are you kidding. But today was cold, cloudy, and although all the roads were salted, it was too cold for it to melt. We have hills, winding roads, narrow backroads, and this stuff always happens. So after the third person asked if we would be meeting, I took the cautious approach and cancelled. High today was 23 degrees, low tonight will be 12. Why take a chance? What could be that important? Just writers reading and asking for feedback on their current work. Sorry you will have to wait. Love the critique sessions and all the members. In two weeks, hopefully there will be no snow.


Finished my first edit, looking at structure and content. Still unhappy with the ending, and I don’t want to break faith with my readers. Every story has a promise at the beginning, especially an historical romance like this Civil War tale. A romance always holds the promise of a happy ever after ending. A mystery promises that the crime will be solved and the criminal brought to justice, etc. This horrible war had such heart breaking stories, and too few were HEA. I’ve already scrapped one ending, hoping I can save the current one. But I try to capture the reality of the period, without the glamour and pretense. Makes it much more of a challenge to have a realistic, HEA ending.

Still, want to have something for my Beta readers, and I want it to be as good as I can write. Definitely don’t want to break faith with my few, true fans. So will clean up grammar, stay in the story another few days, and stew on the last chapter, maybe even add another few thousand words. It’s important to get it right.


In the meantime, I hope to clear up my email, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts. Tend to ignore online as much as possible when writing. Also have to get onto the next book, get an outline done soon. Six days gone in this crazy new year, and I’m eager to make each one count, even if I’m goofing off.

Reading the news never helps. All the stores closing, and I feel guilty. Only bought one or two gifts in a store for Christmas, most I ordered on line. Apparently, I’m not the only person doing this. A whole way of life will soon be gone. The days of going into a large, nice store with a huge selection of merchandise that you can touch, examine, and try on will have vanished. Long gone are the smiling clerks rushing to help you find just the right thing to try on before you buy, or to suggest a perfect gift. It was still comforting to know there were department stores full of merchandise whenever you needed or wanted to buy something special. It is going to hurt when they are gone. More jobs and businesses vanishing in a painful blink. The digital age is definitely here.

This has nothing to do with the theme today, but as a retired chemistry teacher, I thought this youtube video was awesome. Wanted to share it with you. Hope you enjoy.


3 thoughts on “BREAKING FAITH”

    1. Hope you’re right. But overhead is high, and when they cut down on clerks, thefts eat into profits. If weather clears, may take a turn through Sears, Kmart, some of the ones on the list, just in case. After all, we never thought bookstores could disappear.

      (Love your nailing it as rambling. Writing a post every night is a real challenge. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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