Had intended to finish the edits by tomorrow. One of our local writers’ groups, Foxleaf, meets there in the afternoon. The group is focused on writing for publication and I should have a story written for their new anthology, but I’ve been writing on my book instead. Last year I tried multi-tasking, writing one story, while editing another. My mind is not compartmentalized enough for that. Have enough trouble just finishing up and then shifting gears to edit mode. Thank heavens there is the Saturday writer’s group, CCWA, by which time I hope to have this book in shape to present to first readers.

Anyway, I wasted the day by watching old movies, love AMC and TCM, and working on a 1500 page puzzle my daughter got down at Christmas. I had suggested we could work on one of the 500 piece ones with the grandkids, but of course, they wanted a challenge. It’s been sitting there all week, even as we’ve taken down the trees and Christmas decorations to store. When I go downstairs to settle and watch game shows, I see it and it drives me crazy. When they were here, I sorted the pieces and found all the edges while they put the border together. Of course I turned all the pieces face up as I sorted. After I picked out all the light green ones, my son managed two or three little patches, and then my grandson’s rooted through the rest of the pieces.

Anyway, the puzzle is all sorted and about a third of the way done. Will have to avoid the room to not waste more time on it. But retirement is not about firm schedules and reporting to work and I told myself I could just piddle with it a little this morning. Big mistake.

Staying Focused

As before, I started this blog challenge about twenty minutes ago. No hope finishing before midnight but at least I won’t be a day behind, hopefully just an hour or few minutes late when I add it. It’s called ‘My 500 words’ challenge, so I don’t have to post on this webpage, but plan to use it that way.

Found a really wonderful video (https://www.youtube.com/embed/jKCyFB5LmPo) to help my clamoring mind block out the extraneous things that are always twirling around in my noggin. It’s just the ocean, the lovely sound of waves coming in and crashing, again and again. Love it. Managed seven chapters edited, with big sections of rewrites, and two name changes for minor characters. Will finish another three chapters at least before heading to bed.


Mentioned yesterday that I was thinking about the next book(s) as I edit the current one. Thought you might find the Snyder, Save the Cat worksheet useful. Although a script is only 120 pages or less, one can multiply the page number by three and kind of figure out where major plot points should fall in your novel. I don’t write that way, would never hit the right page anyway. But it is useful in planning some hinge moments or pivotal events that a good story needs in order to satisfy the reader. Happy writing.




3 thoughts on “MISBEHAVING”

  1. HI JANET, I really enjoy your blog. Wish I could see the Save the Cat worksheet a little better. It is too small for these old eyes to read. Is it possible to post a larger version?


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