I spent yesterday trying to remember how to write and post even a short blog piece for the current challenge of 31 days in a row. Clear since I’ve done it in the past, I can do it again. But it is the details. Also wasted half the day trying to figure out how to add an email capture and list for MailChimp. Same as the last two years. Don’t think it’s possible for a free WordPress site. I’m too cheap and too lazy to make a new page, pay for a host, for a site where probably no one will ever drop by. Leaving it for another day.

Rocks versus Sand   beach-691427__340

Listening to Joanna Penn, always inspiring. Her analogy is a jar full of rocks. The big things you want to achieve are rocks. If you ever want to accomplish them, don’t fill the jar first with sand.

I collected and filled too much of my jar with sand last year. Became trapped on Twitter and Facebook for hours, drawn like a succubus to all the drama and emotion. I could not imagine the surges of love and hate for these two deeply flawed candidates and tried vainly to understand it. Then there was fake news. The wrongness, but the undeniable use of our media for propaganda to tell us what to think and how to react appealed to the part of me that was drawn to psychology and analyzing people. I frittered away too much time.

Scary World     chile-1463830__340

Writing requires focusing on a story, the people, and setting you have created in order to figure out how they will solve the huge problem you’ve given them and how they will emerge at the end. Yet the strange weather, the melting glaciers, rapid extinction of species, terrorist attacks everywhere filter in like a bank of clouds obscuring the imaginary world.  Did we ever think children could be murdered at school, shoppers at the malls, party goers at concerts, those on vacations in cities like Paris and Berlin? Almost impossible to block it all out.

Spinning the Web    spider-1767029_960_720

Fiction requires spinning lies. Rather than despairing and trying to separate my focus from the crazy real world and the imaginary world, I find myself drawn to writing more and more. For as authors, we have control of how the story will end. As I work to finish my current novel, I recently scrapped twenty thousand words, and am rewriting the book with a different ending. As always, it is not easy. But I want these people to find a peaceful, safe place by the end. A huge war is going on around them, more Americans were killed in the Civil War than in all the other wars combined. Their valley has been overrun, their home invaded, the hero returns home damaged. Yet, I believe that faith and love can deliver them into a bright, happy future with their two wonderful children and their annoying but lovable little dog.

sunrise-1756274__340 I will be writing on this book until I can look at the world and see the drama and antics of a few will not change or move it from its orbit. It floats in a sea of space at peace.





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