2017, A Brand New Year


I have a little sign, that hangs over my toilet, I suppose for any man who wanders in to read.  It says, “Every day is a gift….” Guess that means a new year of 365 of them is like a sleigh full of presents from Santa.

Looking Back at 2016

Did not start last year with fixed goals, just to write every day and see how many books I could create and publish. Of course, also to lose weight, and get fit, and reduce the clutter, etc..

Accomplishments: I only created four new books last year, three in my new Mountain Wives Series and a mystery novel called No Visible Tattoos. The latter came from reading too many WikiLeaks and listening to all the vitriol of the past election about sexual harassment. Main reason to write, to clear the mind.mountainwivesc5

Sending a check tonight to the Dollywood My People Fund. Thanks to those who bought the book, it will be four times bigger than if I had just written a check the night of the fires.

I participated in both Camp Nano and Nanowrimo, writing 50,000 words in a month, and completed both. Did at least one blog challenge and almost completed it, maybe one post short. Need spurs sometimes to write, and challenges help.

If I had written a goal for the year, it would probably have been to write six new novels. So I kind of failed at that one. I did write a couple of short stories and have nearly finished the first novel in my new Civil War Wives Series, so almost five done.

Did lose a little weight – but unfortunately, it has since been found and returned. I exercise at the Y at least three or four days a week, and if I am fitter, I cannot imagine what it would be for. My husband assures me I am no worse, so it must be helping.

We recycle and I give a box of treasures away each week, but I cannot tell they are gone. Think the elves must keep replacing the clutter.

Looking Forward to 2017

Writing goal will be to write at least six new novels. I hope to live long enough to write one for each of the 34 states in the Civil War. Good to have a long-range goal, even if unrealistic. Unfortunately, I belong to a little Facebook group, and most of the ladies boasted their goals were twelve new books this year. May have to drop out, since being retired means doing as I please. Working full-time at a hobby doesn’t exactly fit.

Need your help and inspiration. What would you like me to write about? Love hearing from readers. Signed up for a ‘500’ words a day challenge from Jeff Goins, so plan to blog every day this month. http://my500words.com/

Still hope to learn the other key, marketing. Plan to develop an email list some day. Certainly, past time from all the gurus I listen to. Remains on my to do, rather than done list.

Hope to finish my novel this week. If you’re interested in being a Beta reader and getting an ARC copy, please give me a yell at biery35@gmail.com.

Hope your New Year looks as bright and shiny to you. With a new President and lots of prayers, hoping it is a much-improved world. Last year’s was a tough one.



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