This month’s Goals

Participated in two challenges this month.

Ultimate Blogging Challenge

This is my last post in the Ultimate Blogging Challenge that Paul Taubman and Danni Ackerman run several times a year. Not sure how many times, but this is my third round since I played at it twice last year. Thanks to them there are over a hundred blogs on my site to read. Yeah! Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

The goal was to write a blog everyday this month and to post comments on two other people’s blogs and to report back on that. I wrote 28, since this one is over the midnight line, and it’s 29, not sure if it will count. I tried hard. I commented on other people’s blogs, their Facebook page posts, replied to their Twitters, etc.. But I didn’t post back and report after the first week, took too much time and not all the things I commented on were by members in the UBC.

Since I didn’t make 31 am I a loser? Technically, yes. But I feel pretty good about getting another 29 posts up on my little old site. Someday, someone will stumble across these in cyber space and either learn something new, or feel confident they can do better.

I did my best, tried my hardest, and enjoyed the experience. I learned to post more images, categorize most of the posts, add in music and video. As long as I’m learning I’m happy.


Went to camp in the spring and managed to finish my novel Widow Mouse. It’s for sell on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01FP5TUF0 along with the other dozen books and other work at http://amzn.to/2aeGCsA.

Went to camp this month and wrote more words, over 33,000, on Wild Violets.  But I forgot to change my goal before validation started, so came up 17,000 short of the 50,000 goal to win. As a dummy, when I posted my words for validation, it shouted winner, since I’m over 53,000 words on the novel. Had over 30,000 when camp started, but had one of those crises where I deleted, then my crazy computer got sick and deleted some too, and 53,000 is about what I have now. I still need at least a week more of words to finish the book, so don’t feel worthy of the banner this time. But here it is, might as well wave it. Winner 2016

To be a Winner

When I grew up, very few people ever had a book published. Only a handful could ever claim to be a best-selling author. Very few people were ever declared a winner.


Now, everyone gets a pat on the back and is told, bully for you, you tried hard, therefore you are a winner. Professional athletes compete in the Olympics and if there is a competition of some kind, it is an Olympic Sport. If there is a category on Kindle, there is a Best-Selling Author Title for that Category.

Waiting on the real thing, but glad I was able to make the effort. Can’t wait for the next challenge, maybe I’ll actually be a winner.