If you want to make a basket, you have get out on the court and aim at the goal. As President of a writer’s group for over thirty-five years, I know a lot of writers. Most of them want to be successful, published authors. Currently, the majority have one or more books up on Amazon. How? They wanted to write a story that interested them and that only they could create. They studied how to write, read a lot, and wrote a lot of stories. Then they either found help or figured out the steps to self-publish. Some have been more successful than others. One or two have been traditionally published.

The problem with writing and publishing your book is the difficulty in finding an audience to read what you write. Here are a series of articles addressing the problem.

Notice that in 2002, the author advised against it because there were 80,000 books published each year.

In 2013, this author is advising against self-publishing a book because there are 800,000 to 1,000,000 books published each year, and building a platform to get noticed is no longer easy.

This is the most positive article I could find on self-publishing. Basically, it advises writers to write more books and pay for professional services to compete, while expecting to earn much less on each book.

A last list of ten self-publishing trends. I couldn’t find the number of titles being loaded onto Kindle this year, my guess is it is probably double the numbers in 2013. In one Facebook group I belong to, one writer had just finished writing seven novels in nine weeks. The competition is fierce. Since I’ll be lucky to complete three or four things this year, it is discouraging.

Personal Goals for 2016

To finish my Mountain Wives Series – another week should give me time to finish Wild Violets, the third in the series.

To write the third Ghost Warrior story – to complete that series. Unlike the Western Wives and Mountain Wives Series – my blood-thirsty, half-breed warrior does not have an audience yet. But his story is still rattling around in my head and I need to clear it out so I can finish other things.

Hope to write another story to  include in an anthology again this year. Have no idea if any of the Anthologies I’ve been in have a few or a lot of sales, but I enjoy doing the group publishing thing.

To start another series. Widow Wives, about women who lose their husbands during the bloody Civil War and still have to move forward to raise children and find happiness.

To keep writing. Somebody has to break the odds which are longer and longer in publishing. Believe it’s like the lottery ticket, highly unlikely that you’ll ever win, but sure-fire certain you won’t, if you don’t buy a ticket or write that book.





One thought on “MAKING PROGRESS”

  1. I’m taking an online course about self-publishing right now. I went to a free webinar, and liked the authors. It’s called Authority Pub Academy. We will see how it goes. I get some free coaching along with it. 🙂


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